Which of the legends stands out as the Best Apex Legends Character in Season 18? We’ve broken down the best legend in every class.

With so many legends to choose from after 18 seasons of Apex Legends, the choice can feel overwhelming. Choosing the best Apex Legends character can make that crucial difference in your games.

So, which legends should you be choosing in your next Apex Legends game and why?

The overall best Apex Legends character


Bangalore is clearly the best Apex Legends character by a huge margin. She ticks all the boxes that you could possibly want from a legend, and she has the strongest class passive too.

So what boxes does Bangalore tick, that means we think she is the best Apex Legends character?

All of her abilities provide both offensive and defensive power, which makes her incredibly flexible to play. Crucially, she is also an enjoyable legend to play which is always a bonus!

Her passive, Double Time gives you additional speed when you are being shot at. Of course, this is strong for hitting a speedy getaway, but it can also be used to run down your opponents at high speed. In 1v1s, the fast speed can put off your opponent too.

Then, the Rolling Thunder Ultimate has three main applications. Deny a team from pushing you, clear a team off a space or just annihilate a team who can't move out of the way. This ability is so powerful that it got a cooldown increase in Season 18.

However, the strongest ability of Bangalores is undoubtedly her tactical Smoke Grenade Launcher. This can shield you and your team, block enemies line of sight or even deal damage to enemies. Where this ability enters a whole new level is by having either of the 'Digital Threat' scopes.

This allows you to smoke at enemies, and shoot them through the smoke. If the enemies don't have a 'Digi' scope themselves, you have a major advantage. But, 'Digi's' are rare items, so can be hard to come by.

That is where the Assault class passive comes in. The extra tray of attachments that Assault Class legends can access does grant gold tier items. Doing armouries on Storm Point is also especially useful when you are playing Bangalore too.

The best Apex Legends Character in the Controller Class


The Controller class has some of the lowest pickrates in the general game. But, they also have some of the highest pick rates among professional players in ALGS. That's because the Controller Legends are primarily built for holding positions and playing buildings. We all know that just makes your games pretty damn boring, there isn't millions on the line after all.

So, the Best Apex Legends Character in the Controller Class is the one who has the most flexibility and utility in open spaces. There is a clear winner, Catalyst.

Taking control of doors as Catalyst is a widely underrated ability. Doing this mid fight can be make or break. You can event trap your opponents outside the building they are playing. The ability to replace broken doors also comes in handy way more than you'd imagine, especially after taking a fight.

Catalyst's Piercing spikes aren't ground breaking, but get the job done.

Her Dark Veil is where her real flexibility comes in, and why she is one of the best Apex legends Characters. The ability to use the wall to either protect yourself, rotate through open spaces or divide an enemy team in two is very powerful.

This ability is even more powerful now she blocks all scans, including Seer's ultimate with this wall. Finally a true counter to all the scan abilities in game.

The best Apex Legends Character in the Recon Class


Sadly, the best Apex Legends Character in the Recon Class was not a hard pick. Seer is simply too good to not give the nod too here.

Seer has undergone a big transformation since he was at almost a 100% pick in some ALGS regions. He has been significantly reworked, and now nerfed at the start of Season 18.

However, despite that nerf he still stands out as the best Apex Legends Character in the Recon Class.

The reason is simply information. The Recon class has become significantly weaker over the last few seasons, and Seer still provides the best and easiest information. Add the silence on top via his tactical, and a reduced but still useful Stun and you have a pretty solid legend.

The best Apex Legends Character in the Support Class


Loba is a really strong choice in the Support Class. The support class certainly lacks some oomph, with legends like Newcastle and Gibraltar being especially unenjoyable to play in your average pub lobby.

What helps Loba stand out as the best Apex Legends character in the support class is how comfortable she allows you to be in game. Favourite weapon, easy to find. Ammo running low, no worries at all. Care Package nearby, don't mind if I do!

With loot being reduced in Season 18, Loba becomes even more valuable. Despite a slight cooldown increase, her Ultimate is still very strong.

Some teams still use her in ALGS, as she allows easy access to loot from teams that fight nearby. This can be very valuable for 'fast rotate' zone teams.

Loba even ensures that you won't miss a single high tier item as you move around the map, thanks to her passive ability.

The biggest thing that used to let Loba down, was her tactical 'Burglars Friend'. At first it was just terrible, then it was completely broken, and now it is a pretty tidy movement ability. The big change, that pushed Loba up to the best Apex Legends character in her class was the ability to move normally while the bracelet is in flight. No more standing around like a statue while it gets thrown.

Additionally, Respawn reduced the cooldown on the Burglars Friend this season which is an extra little bonus for Loba players.

The best Apex Legends Character in the Skirmisher Class


Pathfinder is one of the most picked legends at the moment for a reason. He fits two crucial aspects. Pathfinders abilities are powerful, and he is also one of the most enjoyable legends to play in the game.

The Skirmisher Class is full of strong legends, but Pathfinder stands out as the best Apex Legends Character above the rest of the Skirmishers.

His Zipline received some substantial improvements at the start of Season 16. The extra speed and distance has helped this ability compete with other rotation abilities. This has been double buffed by the class passive combining with his own personal passive. Scanning care packages gives Pathfinder his Zipline back. Meaning you can chain several ziplines back to back thanks to this ability.

Where Pathfinder really excels as the Skirmisher classes best Apex Legends Character is with his Grapple. This is a high skill ceiling ability that can help you make incredible aggressive plays, or escape from a tight spot. He doesn't feature much in ALGS these days, but for the general playerbase he is an incredibly powerful choice.

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