With so many legends to choose from, which Legends are worth your time this season?

Season 19 is here and so is an updated Apex Legends Tier List to let you know who is worth playing. Where will Conduit fit into the Season 19 meta?

Apex Legends Tier List for Season 19

  • S Tier Legends: Bangalore, Catalyst, Valkyrie
  • A Tier Legends: Wraith, Conduit, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Revenant, Horizon
  • B Tier Legends: Octane, Caustic, Loba, Rampart, Seer, Fuse, Gibraltar
  • C Tier Legends: Ash, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, Newcastle, Wattson, Ballistic, Vantage
  • D Tier Legends: Mirage, Crypto

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Who is the best legend? (S Tier Apex Legends Tier List)

SBangaloreSmokes for escape / repositioning
Passive Double Time for speed in combat
Benefits from the very powerful 'Assault Class'
SCatalystBlock Scans with her Wall
Take control of doors and block enemies out
Wall allows you to cross open spaces
SValkyrieUltimate Skyward Dive allows you to reposition, escape circle or jump teams
Ability to stun and damage enemies
Passive VTOL Jets make her great for dodging and diving gunfire

No Apex Legends tier list is complete without an S Tier. These legends just are a step above the rest, providing great individual play that will help you excel no matter who's on the team with you.


  • Pick up a Digital Threat to make the use of Smoke Launcher
  • Use Rolling Thunder as a means to escape not just engage
  • Open Special Weapon supply bins with new Assault Class perks

Bangalore has a lot of protective abilities. Her smokes can help you move around or escape from a situation. Her passive gives you extra speed in fights, helping you turn a corner to either escape or push your enemies. Then her ultimate can buy time, earn space or even counter attack opponents.

A major strength of Bangalore is the Assault Class, which allows her to hold more ammunition and open special weapon supply bins.

In Season 19 Respawn took some steps to address the "can't see sh*t" meta by nerfing Bangalore. However, her kit is so flexible that even with the slight nerfs to her abilities.


  • Use her Wall to rotate around the map or isolate enemy players
  • Bunker down by reinforcing or replacing doors
  • Use her 'Piercing Spikes' to deter enemies from pushing

Catalyst proved herself to be a valiant choice when she released. She proved to be more flexible than expected. Her wall gives Catalyst some power in open spaces. Meanwhile, her traps and her ability to reinforce doors means she is also a very strong legend for setting up shop in a building.

Catalyst was also buffed back in Season 17. The Seer ultimate no longer provides scans through the wall, which means that it finally does block all scans in the game. The 'Dark Veil' has proved very powerful for isolating enemy players, or rotating around the map. This makes Catalyst by far the most flexible of all the Controller legends.

She, like Bangalore, was nerfed in Season 19 but she hasn't been knocked out of the S-Tier.


  • Use Skyward Dive to reposition or identify enemy locations
  • Make use of VTOL Jets passive to glide over obstacles and dodge gunfire
  • Her rockets can do crucial damage and stun enemies

Valkyrie has it all. A movement ability, check. A damage ability, check. A way to escape sticky situations, check. Sure, she lost the ability to scan the next circle, but she is still very powerful. She is slightly less powerful after the introduction of Evac Towers, but the Skyward Dive is still a superior way to rotate.

What's not to love? The jetpack is the best passive in Apex for positioning or escaping a tricky situation. The real thing that sets Valkyrie in the S Tier is her Skyward Dive ultimate though. Being able to just launch into flight and either escape, chase or bypass a team will always be incredibly useful in Apex Legends.

A Tier - Apex Legends Tier List

AWraithLong portal distance can get you out of tough situations
Her phase makes her great for aggressive plays
Portal knocked teammates to safety and revive them
APathfinderHis grapple can send you great distances
Extra speed on ziplines makes you hard to hit
Look at care packages to get your ultimate back
ARevenantTake 1v1s with his Forged Shadows enabled
Confirm your kills thanks to scans on low enemies
Loads of movement potential with his climbing and leap
AConduitHeal teammates with her Tactical
Never be left behind thanks to her passive
Deny space and block off buildings with her Ultimate
Apex Legends Tier List for Season 19


  • Use the Portal to escape from danger when needed
  • Play aggressive, knowing her phase can help you reposition
  • Keep your teammates alive with long portal plays

Wraith has been on an interesting journey in Apex Legends. She has darted around Apex Legends tier lists over the seasons. In the early days of Apex Legends she was by far the number one legend to play. As a result, she was nerfed heavily over several seasons while at the same time being surpassed by new legends too.

Now, she has had back to back buffs and is getting much closer to being considered viable once more. Her extra portal distance and speed from Season 17 are now complimented with a lower cooldown. Is Wraith... back?


  • Use Pathfinders Grapple to get away from (or move towards!) enemies
  • His Ziplines can help you rotate around maps much faster
  • Scan care packages to get your Ultimate back faster

Pathfinder is a really fun legend to play, and has power for you and your team. His Zipline took a really noticeable upgrade a few seasons ago, and is now a pretty valid rotational tool. However, it still isn't groundbreaking. Being able to scan care packages does mean he gets his zipline frequently through the game though.

Where Pathfinder earns his right to be in the A tier is with his grapple. There isn't a better way to escape a situation in the game. Once you are competent with the grapple you can get out of lots of situations, and even very advanced players will struggle to do noticeable damage while you are moving. He also allows you to play aggressively and close the gap to opponents (or teammates that ran off!) quickly.


  • Reposition using their Gravity Lift
  • Always grab the weapon off drop thanks to passive
  • Ultimate can still open fights if capitalised off of

Horizon was hit pretty hard over a series recent patches. These included stopping her black hole from impacting players who don't have line of sight on the ult. They also reduced how accurate it is to shoot from inside her lift.

However, her kit still has plenty of value - but just not as much as her prime. You can still use the black hole to deal big damage. Her lift is not really able to generate angles to be aggressive, but it can help you get out of danger. Additionally, it can help reposition and take strong fighting positions which is very powerful.

Her passive can really get you out of danger too, there is some ridiculous movement potential if you learn some of the more advanced mechanics and exploits.


  • Extra shields in fights can help turn an engagement on its head
  • Great for denying enemy teams evo charge when playing position in zone
  • Ultimate can delay pushes and fill buildings and tight corridors

The latest addition to the Apex Legends roster has released strong. A truly support legend, her abilities make her a fun team player in ranked. With her place in the support class, she also has the strong perk of being able to craft expired teammate banners.

Conduit can turn a fight around. Her shield healing can give people the extra health to finish a fight, reposition or pop a heal. The ability to heal herself also makes her a handy player in solo situations.

Her Ultimate can be a little hit or miss in the wide open, however in late games or in confined spaces it is really powerful. The Jammers have a lot of health, so destroying them all bunched up in a corridor is no mean feat and can buy you serious time to reset.


  • Scans provide easy information
  • Beast of the Hunt is especially strong in a Bangalore meta
  • Passive can help you sniff out rats in Ranked

Bloodhound was nerfed significantly back in Season 16. They might not seem like very powerful when compared to their prime. However, information is always valuable in Apex Legends. Sure, they don't offer easy escape abilities but they can help build team coordination even without verbal communication. The Bloodhound scan provides easy information that your whole team can see. It is simple for everyone to understand. Of course, it's never a negative to have wall hacks in any situation!

Plus, the Beast of the Hunt ultimate can help you catch up to a fight, win a fight or remove yourself from a situation in a flash. It does have less scans now, but the speedboost is still very beneficial in a solo situation.


  • Take 1v1's with an extra 75HP thanks to Forged Shadows
  • Climb, crawl and leap your way around the arena
  • Scans on low health enemies help you play aggressive and secure knocks

The Reborn Revenant sits in a sturdy A Tier in our Apex Legends Tier List for his initial ranking. While he isn't going to tear up the meta he certainly offers something new.

His Leap is somewhat similar to Vantage's ability and isn't very powerful if you are close to enemies. However his climb, especially the new horizontal wall climb has a lot of potential.

Where Revenant seems to have a lot of power is in his Forged Shadows Ultimate. When taking a 1v1 the extra 75HP is incredibly useful, especially in end game. Mastering when to use this ability and when to take fights will be crucial for Revenant this season.

B Tier - Apex Legends Tier List

BOctanePad allows for pushes, or escapes
Save on flesh heals with his passive
BCausticGas Traps do big damage and can block doors
Throw your ultimate at your feet in 1v1s
BLobaExcellent kit to reset dead teammates, by crafting banner
Throw bracelet through windows and doors to escape tricky situations
BRampartShiela can decimate in 1v1 situations
Use LMG weapons to make the most of extra ammo passive
BSeerUltimate can make fights a lot easier
Isolate and scan enemies to take advantage
BFuseUse his Ultimate to scan enemies inside a building
Force teams out of buildings with Ordinance
BGibraltarBubble can be an aggressive or defensive ability
Arm shield helps you win your trades


Octane can be insanely fun to play and is a great beginner legend. He has options to be aggressive, or options to get you out of danger. His pad is great for solo or coordinated pushes. Combine that with his Stim tactical and you are absolutely moving around the map at breakneck speed.

His passive lets you heal your flesh health without syringes, helpful if you had to dash into zone to escape. Like Horizon, Octane really benefits from learning some of the more advanced movement techniques like tap strafing too.


Gibraltar can be a tough legend to play. The largest legend in the game isn't being saved by any superglides or tap strafes if caught in the open. What sets Gibby into the B Tier is his bubble and arm shield. The bubble can protect you, not just by having you play inside it - but also through cutting off angles. Taking disadvantaged fights in a bubble is also a lot easier than in the open, especially once you master bubble fighting mechanics. His arm shield also gives you some extra health, never a bad thing to have! Being in the support class enables banner crafting too.


Why is Caustic ranked above Wattson in this Apex Legends tier list? On paper they have very similar abilities, and therefore similar weaknesses. Where Caustic really surpasses Wattson is in delaying fights and winning 1v1s.

A barrel can block a door, and the damage from the gas is a lot harder to avoid than the damage from a Wattson fence. Furthermore, Caustic's ultimate can really help you win a 1v1 situation. Throw it at your feet and you will be doing extra damage. Combine that with your fortified passive and you can absolutely take someone down in no time at all.

Where Caustic does get limited to only B Tier is his weakness in open spaced and his chunky hitbox.


Seer was totally reworked during Season 17. In Season 18 he was nerfed significantly with his stun and silence time reduced. Despite this, and his rock bottom pick rate, he is still a solid choice.

Seer is still the master of information, and accurate information will always be key in Apex Legends. It takes a little bit more effort and coordination to take advantage of his tactical landing but it still provides strong openings.

His Ultimate will give you a major advantage in a fight, even though it only shows enemy footsteps.


The advantages of Loba are simple. Her bracelet is a decent escape tool when needed. It's easy to follow and has a poor cooldown, but it can get the job done when needed. Throwing it through windows or small gaps is a pretty underrated feature, so keep that in mind!

Then, her ultimate is a really great way to get the last few items you need. Many players have a few favourite weapons that they feel comfortable with. Loba can help you snag these items and get ready to fight quicker. She is also a great legend for saving your teammates. Loba, or her teammates as of this season, can craft banners thanks to her support class. Unlike Newcastle, Gibraltar, Mirage and Lifeline she can help those teammates reset with her black market. This is still useful after the Season 19 changes, you need attachments for those weapons! Furthermore, she has that bracelet to get away from danger in the first place!


Rampart is a pretty similar situation to Caustic. She is vulnerable in the open but she has abilities that can delay fights and her Shiela can really help you in those 1v1 situations. Blocking a door with her wall can buy you those crucial few seconds to pop some heals and spin up your minigun - shooting the door off can catch people by surprise and be a real game changer.


Fuse has grown in popularity, particularly as the scans with his Ultimate have become more and more powerful. If you Fuse Ult the roof of a building, you get scans on everyone inside. Unlike Seer Ultimate or Bloodhound scans, you also still get these scans through a Catalyst Dark Veil.

Fuse is also more powerful thanks to how playstyles have evolved in Ranked. With more teams playing hard inside the zone, Fuse grows in strength. The ability to siege teams in a set position with Fuse is incredibly powerful.

C Tier - Apex Legends Tier List

CAshPassive can help you see where teams are fighting, and avoid them
CVantageUse her passive to gather information
CLifelineDrone can help you heal very fast, especially when combined with shield healing at the same time
CMad MaggieBall is great for pushing teams, or rotating away from them very quickly
CNewcastleCastle Wall has a large leap distance, helping you keep your teammates alive
CWattsonPylon blocks all grenades and heals shields
CBallisticCarry a third weapon to give your loadout more flexibility


Ash does have some decent abilities. In particular her passive is helpful for avoiding other teams if you are in survival mode, but it is hard to use this ability in a coordinated way without team comms. Her portal might feel like a good escape tool. Yet, this is deceiving. Her portal is short range and easily followed, so not the get out of jail free card it can seem.


Ballistic took a nerf last season and overall has not felt that powerful since he joined the game in Season 17. However, does well with either an Alternator or a Peacekeeper in his sling. Accessing the disruptor rounds when in your ultimate will be incredibly powerful.


Lifeline does have some decent value following a range of buffs. Her drone does allow you to double heal (popping a bat at the same time as healing your flesh). Further, her care package delivers you guaranteed upgrades and will help you loot up.

Where Lifeline falls away is in fights. She has no real escape mechanism and if you are caught out on Lifeline you rely on help from your teammates. This means she is a legend that requires good team coordination and is not suggested for solo queue players.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie sits in the C Tier of our Apex Legends Tier List as well. Like Fuse, she is pretty mediocre teamed or teamless. She does have some rotational abilities. Her ball can provide a bit of a getaway. Yet, when there are legends who provide something similar as a tactical it is hard to suggest Maggie as a top tier pick. Her passive is really underwhelming and her Drill is very limited.


For team play, Newcastle is a fantastic legend. Where he excels is at protecting his teammates. There is a really high skill ceiling on his Castle Wall in particular. This has been made even more powerful by the slight buffs he got this season.

But, this ceiling can only really be reached with teamplay and coordination. Plus, Newcastle shines in super sweaty games that we don't really see outside of ALGS.


Vantage also sits in the C tier of this Apex Legends tier list. She can be a decent choice for a solo operator because having a sniper as an ultimate allows you to cover all three ranges with your weapons. A close range SMG, a mid range AR or LMG and then the sniper for long distance engagements. Her echo relocation is okay in a pinch but you are very one clippable as you woosh through the air. It's better used for positioning rather than escaping. If you are ratting in ranked her passive is especially helpful to give you extra info on who is in your area, is it a solo you could fight or a whole team?


Wattson is excellent at holding down a building. With her Pylon you can rotate at lightning speed, grab a great spot in zone and wait out the rounds. Teams in the ALGS rely on Wattson heavily and she has been in the meta almost as much as any other legend. Yet, she sits in the C Tier of this Apex Legends tier list because she lacks selfish power. She is very vulnerable in fights, and to excel with Wattson you need to commit to her playstyle. You are highly unlikely to want to sit in a building in pubs or ranked.

D Tier - Apex Legends Tier List

DMirageConfuse your opponents with Mirages Ultimate
DCryptoRecover teammates banners remotely
Apex Legends Tier List for Season 19 (D-Tier)


Look - Mirage sucks. You could have a team, no team, or even a team of 6. Mirage is always going to be hanging out near the bottom of an Apex Legends tier list. His abilities are weak, his best ability which is to go invisible when he revives is surpassed by other legends and he doesn't really help you out in almost any situation. Even adding him to the support class hasn't bumped him up.

There are some very talented Mirage players, and you can on occasion break some ankles with a good bamboozle. However, anyone who is good on Mirage could be even better on another legend.


Crypto is a legend with a lot of power - he's used by some of the most successful Apex Legends Pro teams in ALGS. So why does he sit next to Mirage in this Apex Legends tier list?

It's simple. No other legend in the game requires flawless team play like Crypto does. Everything he provides is just weakened without coordination and cohesion. Outside of super sweaty, ALGS style teamplay Crypto lacks power. His ability to remote revive or gather banners is useless if you are playing no fill. If you're solo queue, and your teammates are just brawling around the map, who's protecting you while you are sitting in zone? How do you communicate the information you gather without speaking to your team?

That's it for our Apex Legends Tier List, we'll be updating it as patches drop but hopefully this will let you hit your placement games hard.

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