Apex Legends Season 10: first impressions from a Diamond player cover image

Apex Legends Season 10: first impressions from a Diamond player

Season 10 has gone off to a great start. Join us as we take a look at how the first week of Apex’s newest season feels!

The newest season of Apex has got off to a great start. With no launch issues, great changes to the meta and everyone having a great time. By far, this has been the best Season launch to date. But, like most other seasons, there are a couple balancing issues from the new season that need to be addressed. Respawn has put out a small balance patch that addresses some of the issues, and there is another patch coming next week. Here's what I think about Apex Legends Season 10 as a Diamond player.

Seer in Apex Legends Season 10

The new legend Seer is busted to say the least. The main reason why a lot of people see Seer as broken is his tactical. The vision blur, the long tracking duration and all on a low 8 cooldown pose quite a problem for the player base. On top of his busted tactical, the short cooldown on his ult that provides great vision in fights truly makes him one of the best Legends in the game right now.

I think that (depending on the nerfs) Seer is going to outclass Bloodhound in terms of pick rate in competitive. His kit is a more DPS oriented Bloodhound that also tracks people for longer. Right now, he is on the same level of Season 7 Horizon, broken and in every game. Frankly, as cool as the Legend is, getting flash banged and then having the entire opposing squad run at me is not the best time.

Gun changes

I cannot tell you guys how long I have been waiting for the Prowler to come back. Due to the unique nature of the weapon, it became my favorite SMG in the game. So, when Respawn announced that the Prowler was returning, I was ecstatic. However, I did not expect the Prowler to come back with such prominence. Back in the early days of Apex, the Prowler didn't feel as strong as it is now. But, hopefully the changes that Respawn put out can address the surprising strength of the SMG.

The Prowler SMG
The Prowler SMG

In previous seasons, the L-Star was unfortunately a joke. The blinding spray and lack of upgrades really crippled the weapon. The weapon felt similar to the P2020, where you only pick it up on drop. However, season 10 changed that entirely. Now with space for barrel mods and extended magazines on top of better recoil, the L-Star is a great option for LMG's. Personally, the L-Star with a 2x HCOG Bruiser sight being weilded by Rampart makes this weapon a beast and a half.

The L-Star
The L-Star

The Rampage is really cool but also needs time to master. The weapon is a great long to medium range weapon that compliments well with a SMG. The "Revved up" feature is also a nice feature that really opens up the versatility of the gun. However, the weapon has a learning curve unlike other weapons. Playing around the slow fire rate and abysmal close quarters capabilities of the Rampage are quite the challenge. This in combination with Rampart's LMG abilities makes this a beast. But, another underrated combination is with Fuse. With the ability to hold multiple grenades, you can basically double the amount of "revved up" time.

Map changes

I love the new World's Edge. The new POI's are amazing. The removal of areas like Sorting Factory or Refinery were a great change, as they haven't been touched since World's Edge had been released. The new POI's are fun and provide great opportunities for movements and rotations.

The only real issue with the map changes is that for some reason, everyone in the lobby is deciding to land at Fragment. I think there was a secret agenda that Respawn told everyone, that you can get secret loot at Fragment or something. Every game there's like 10 squads that land at Fragment rather than the new POI's, and I have no clue why.

Apex Legends Season 10 is truly the best season so far. Respawn is doing an amazing job at listening to their community and improving on what makes Apex such a beautiful game. I can't express how excited I am to see what they bring next to the best Battle Royale out there.