RLCS Major 1 will kick off in March.

The first Rocket League Major will be in Denmark, Copenhagen. The announcement was made on the Rocket League Esports profile on X.

In terms of the time and location, the event will be at the K.B. Hallen arena and take place between May 28 and May 31. The 16 best teams in the world will compete there, and the RLCS Major 1 will have a $255,000 prize pool.

RLCS Major Copenhagen with changes

The 2024 season brought changes to the competitive Rocket League circuit. For example, the First Major in Copenhagen will kick off the competitive season at an international level with in-person events. Additionally, unlike the other seasons, there will only be one more Major with no location revealed yet. The season will end with the usual World Championship in August.

The slot distribution for the Rocket League Major in Copenhagen will be:

  • Europe - 4 slots
  • North America - 4 slots
  • Oceania - 2 slots
  • South America - 2 slots
  • Middle East and North Africa - 2 slots
  • Asia-Pacific - 1 slot
  • Sub-Saharan Africa - 1 slot
Team Vitality dominated the end of 2022-23 season (Image via Rocket League Esports)
Team Vitality dominated the end of 2022-23 season (Image via Rocket League Esports)

BLAST and Rocket League Esports

This Rocket League Major in Copenhagen marks the first international event after the partnership between BLAST and Epic Games. The city is the headquarters of the Danish company, BLAST. The partnership will allow BLAST to run Fortnite and Rocket League esports.

In 2023, in a similar partnership with Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege, BLAST also hosted the event in Copenhagen.

Tickets for the first Rocket League Major in Copenhagen will go on sale starting Feb. 16.

Copenhagen and esports

Copenhagen has long been a hub for esports in Europe. In addition to hosting the first Rocket League Major, Copenhagen has hosted other events. For example, the first CS2 Major will be held in the Danish city in March. Copenhagen is also home to the BLAST Premier CS2 circuit groups.

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