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Every pseudo-legendary Pokemon, Ranked

Here is every pseudo-legendary Pokemon ever to exist, ranked from worst to best.

Pseudo-legendary Pokemon have been included in the series since the first generation. These massive (typically dragon-type) monsters tend to be one of the rarer and harder-to-level-up Pokemon within the game.

But still, those who can train a pseudo-legendary Pokemon properly tend to create one of the strongest teams.

Ranking every pseudo-legendary Pokemon from worst to best

Every game has one pseudo-legendary Pokemon (except Gen III, which has two), and each one of these creatures has a ferocious amount of power.

So what is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon?

Well, a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, unlike a typical legendary Pokemon, has an evolution series. Legendaries tend to only have ONE of their kind, whereas pseudo-legendaries have many (they are just rare).

Training a pseudo-legendary also takes much more time, as they tend to level up slower than other Pokemon. They also don't evolve into their final form until they are at a much higher level (50s or 60s) than normal Pokemon.

Here is every pseudo-legendary Pokemon ranked from worst to best.

10. Kommo-o

Released in Gen VII, Kommo-o, despite its mix of dragon-type and fighting-type, ended up falling short of players' expectations for the generation's pseudo-legendary. When put against other pseudo-legendaries, the Pokemon has little going for it.

While its design is not bad, Kommo-o is nowhere close to as good of a pseudo-legendary compared to the other nine.

9. Dragapult

Dragapult has some unique features, that is for sure, but its mix of dragon-type and ghost-type abilities made it weak in the eyes of many other pseudo-legendaries. While ghost-type may be strong against psychic-type, the Pokemon still doesn't equal up to some of its predecessors.

Dragapult is an underwhelming pseudo-legendary, with many released before it that make it look weak.

8. Goodra

Goodra is a bit more unique compared to other pseudo-legendaries, due to its chance to have two different types during its final evolution. The Pokemon can either become a Goodra that is only dragon-type or evolve into a version that features dragon-type and steel-type. This makes the pseudo-legendary much different than others.

Goodra is not a bad pseudo-legendary, but despite its two separate forms, the Pokemon still does not clear the other six.

7. Baxcalibur

Being the most recent pseudo-legendary Pokemon, Baxcalibur packs quite the punch with its mixture of dragon-type and ice-type. What makes Baxcalibur so strong against other pseudo-legendaries is the fact that both of its move types are strong against dragons.

Baxcalibur puts up a valid fight against many of the other pseudo-legendaries, but it is still not the best one.

6. Hydreigon

Possibly the coolest-looking pseudo-legendary, Hydreigon has one ferocious-looking final form. This absolute behemoth of a Pokemon takes on the shape of a massive dragon-type monster with three heads. The Pokemon is also part dark-type which gives him that extra bite.

Hydreigon stands out amongst all the pseudo-legendaries for its unique looks and move types, making it one of the better Pokemon in the series.

5. Metagross

Metagross, one of two pseudo-legendaries released with Gen III, is actually one of the rarest pseudo-legendaries in all of the games. Not only is the Pokemon one of the only pseudo-legendaries that is not dragon-type but there is only one of them that you can find in Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald.

Metagross, being a steel-type and psychic-type, is an incredibly unique pseudo-legendary that should not be messed with.

4. Dragonite

Dragonite, being the first pseudo-legendary Pokemon ever released, has a lot of history behind it. Still, despite it being the first dragon-type Pokemon players could play with, it still is not the best. At the time, Dragonite was one of the strongest Pokemon you could get in the game, but even after Gen II was released, many started to realize that Pokemon had better pseudo-legendaries in store for them.

Dragonite is an iconic Pokemon, that is for sure, but it is not the best pseudo-legendary in the series.

3. Salamence

Salamence, the other pseudo-legendary released in Gen III, became a favorite due to its ability to fly. While Dragonite also was a flying-type, Salamence ended up being the better dragon-type Pokemon. Its immense power did not go unnoticed by players in the game. You were also able to get its first evolution, Bagon, relatively early in the game compared to others.

Salamence has stood its ground as one of the better pseudo-legendary Pokemon since it was first released in the early 2000s.

2. Garchomp

Argued by many as the strongest pseudo-legendary, Garchomp packs quite the ferocious bite when in battle. The only downside to this pseudo-legendary is its mixture of dragon-type and ground-type. Everyone knows how much it hurts to see your ground-type Pokemon hit by earthquake during a battle.

Garchomp has a lot of amazing features, making it one of the best pseudo-legendaries in the series.

1. Tyranitar

Being only the second pseudo-legendary to ever exist, Tyranitar stands as the greatest pseudo-legendary within the series of Pokemon. Not only does this massive monster look ferocious, but its hyper-beam is feared by man.

Tyranitar has been a favorite amongst Pokemon gamers for a while now, making it number one on our list of every pseudo-legendary Pokemon ranked from worst to best.

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