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Every OG Fortnite update ranked worst to best

Here is every OG Fortnite update ranked from worst to best.

OG Fortnite is officially coming to an end on December 2, 2023, with the Big Bang event. Players are expecting to be catapulted into Chapter 5, giving everyone a fresh and new map to explore.

While OG Fortnite has only been out for a month, there have been four major updates that have completely changed the map and loot pool. Each week was a new season from Chapter 1, giving players nostalgic locations to explore and weapons to fight with.

So which of these updates was the best? And which of them may have fallen short in some of the gamers' eyes.

Ranking every OG Fortnite update

While every update had its strengths, and none of them were necessarily bad, some were still better than others. From dropping tilted in the infamous Chapter 1, Season 5, to flying around the map in Ballers during Chapter 1, Season X, every single one of these updates brought forth something unique.

Here is every OG Fortnite update ranked from worst to best.

4. v27.10 (Seasons 7 & 8)

Week three consisted of locations and loot that were derived directly from Seasons 7 and 8. While this was still a great update, the game had just given players two weeks of some of the best times Fortnite ever had to offer. While the X-4 Stormwing may have made its return, many realized exactly why the vehicle has never been added back to the game.

The v27.10 OG Fortnite update still gave players a lot of material to work with. Sadly, it fell short when compared to other updates this month.

3. v27.00 (Season 6)

The second week was unlike the third and fourth, as it consisted of only one Fortnite season. Chapter 1, Season 6 was a historic time within the gaming world, as many wondered what the cube would do to the island. Now, with multiple updates happening in one month, many players expected a bit more when going into Season 6.

It seemed as if Fortnite had just decided to add the rising of Loot Lake, and everything seemed almost the same as the week before.

2. v27.11 (Season's 9 & X)

The final update of OG Fortnite is easily one of the best. With the meteor being stuck mid-air, players have been able to get a taste of what it felt like to play these absolutely incredible seasons. Also returning during this update is the Ballers, which have been known as a fan-favorite within the Fortnite community.

The final update for OG Fortnite has been nothing short of being one of the best times in the game's history.

1. v27.00 (Season 5)

I think it goes without saying that the first week of OG Fortnite was undoubtedly the best. Everyone was playing the game. Tilted Towers was back, among other locations such as Greasy Grove, Retail Row and more. The Pump Shotgun and Assault Rifle had returned, and Fortnite had its highest player base ever.

Season 5 was simply the best update of OG Fortnite.

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