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7 best Fortnite seasons of all time

Here are the seven best Fortnite seasons of all time.

Fortnite has had quite a plethora of unique seasons throughout the past few years. From seasons that were fully built around collaborations, to seasons that brought forth weapons that were never seen again, many argue about which seasons were actually the best.

Here are the best Fortnite seasons of all time.

Ranking the best Fortnite seasons of all time

When ranking different seasons of Fortnite, you have to take into account the loot pool, locations and more. A lot of people have different ideas about which seasons are the best, some of them claiming that no season after Chapter 1 was good.

Here is our list of the seven best Fortnite seasons of all time.

7. Chapter 4, Season 2

Fortnite's Chapter 4, Season 2 was a breath of fresh air for many. Players were starting to find that the game was getting stale, but this season brought many players back to the game. With the addition of the Katana and Mega City, the game felt incredibly fun again.

Chapter 4, Season 2 is hands down the best season within the last two years of Fortnite.

6. Chapter 2, Season 6

Chapter 2, Season 6 opened a new page for the Fortnite world. This season was centered strictly around a primal aspect, where many of the guns became "makeshift" weapons. This meant that players would have to salvage to be able to upgrade their weapons.

Chapter 2, Season 6 may have had a few flaws, but it is still widely considered one of the best Fortnite seasons.

5. Chapter 1, Season X

Despite the Mechs, Chapter 1, Season X had a lot of factors that made the season so enjoyable. The Ballers, which players could travel quickly around the map in, were a huge part of the casual and competitive scene. Neo Tilted, the Slip Stream and more were all parts of what made this season so great.

Season X also marked the end of the Chapter 1 map, making it a great memory for many Fortnite players.

4. Chapter 1, Season 3

Chapter 1, Season 3 was a defining season for Fortnite. The meteor had destroyed Dusty Depot, and Hop Rocks were scattered throughout the island. This was also the real beginning of Fortnite's storyline, which is still going on today.

No one knew where Fortnite could go after such a successful Season 2 in Chapter 1, but Season 3 helped meet everyone's expectations.

3. Chapter 2, Season 4

Chapter 2, Season 4 was Fortnite's first season that collaborated with a major franchise. Known to many as the "Marvel" season, Season 4 catered the entire map to the Marvel universe. Tony Stark, Doctor Doom and more had their own locations, while many of the famous heroes got their own skins.

Chapter 2, Season 4 was loved by many and will go down in history as one of the best Fortnite seasons of all time.

2. Chapter 1, Season 2

A defining moment in gaming history; Fortnite's Chapter 1, Season 2 was the season where the world first really started to notice the Battle Royale. Times were simpler back then. With famous locations such as Tilted Towers, Salty Springs, Greasy Grove and more being on the map, many would spend countless hours with their friends trying to get a Victory Royale.

Chapter 1, Season 2 is historic in gaming history, as it marks the beginning for a lot of players who decided to try out the popular Battle Royale.

1. Chapter 2, Season 2

Midas, Mythic Weapons and more are all pieces to a puzzle that made Chapter 2, Season 2 the greatest Fortnite season of all time. This season lasted much longer than usual, and players were all here for it. The addition of the Mythic Weapons was huge at the time, as everyone was fighting to grab ahold of that Mythic Drum Gun.

A lot of factors went into making Chapter 2, Season 2 as great as it was, certifying itself as the best Fortnite season of all time.

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