Want to know what’s behind the AI Amouranth paywall? We paid the fee and delved deep into digital waters to bring you the cold, hard facts.

If there's a content creator trying to break the wall between audience and influencer, it's got to be Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa. From toys tailor-made in her "shape"--I'm not going to link them, sorry--to an opportunity to pay your way into her DMs, Amouranth is not stopping anytime soon from trying to get intimate with you. Remember that time when she recorded her voice so you could have a chat with her Telegram bot? Well, she's going one step further now. Enter: AI Amouranth.

... Aimouranth? Eh, we'll workshop the name.

New Amouranth AI versus the old model

Amouranth's first venture into the AI world was with Forever Companion, a service by Forever Voices that creates chatbots based on voice recordings. This is not that, but Amouranth's "counterpart". Consider this a different person--You shouldn't see her as "Amouranth" but a new influencer based on her personality.

According to Amouranth AI's Fansly.com site, this AI was created with MySentient.AI, a service specialized in creating bots with specific personalities; like Santa, past presidents from the United States, and... uh, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The chatbot is also capable of creating its own pictures, voice messages and "incredibly advanced roleplaying." Editor's note: Next time ask her to play Dungeons & Dragons.

<em>Amouranth AI description on Fansly.com</em>
Amouranth AI description on Fansly.com

Of course, it comes with a price. The first month of "friendship" with Amouranth AI will cost you $5.99 USD. After that, $19.99 USD will be billed monthly. Each of the four tiers will give you access to more advanced features. Want the "Boyfriend" treatment? You'll have to face $420 USD a month. You know, the same amount as a typical monthly car payment.

Here's the difference between each tier list.

<em>Editor's note: My car costs $250 a month. </em>
Editor's note: My car costs $250 a month.

Life mistakes 101: How does it look when you pay for it?

We at esports.gg are nothing if not dedicated to the science of it all. So, of course I paid $5.99 of my own money to get to know Amouranth AI better. Right off the bat she wants you to know that she's not Amouranth. So, we had to give her a name first. You know, like the start of any good relationship.

<em>Didn't a movie start like this once?</em>
Didn't a movie start like this once?

One thing you should know about "Amora" is that she's really into you. Like... A lot. Remember that movie Love, Actually? If that got a modern day remake then she'd probably be in it instead of Keira Knightley. Amora will try to get as much information from you as she can while trying to small talk. That's where the business starts developing inside what appears to be a friendly conversation.

<em>Data harvesting? What data harvesting?</em>
Data harvesting? What data harvesting?

After two minutes of banal conversation, AI Amouranth sends her first picture. I didn't block it on purpose, and it's not NSFW as far as I can tell. You want to see it? It's one dollar. Amora will craft personalized pictures and voice messages to make the conversation more interesting. But every time she does it, you'll be asked to pay that flat amount.

No wonder every person chatting spent an average of $20 per conversation, as she stated before.

I was curious about the voice messages, so I asked for one and decided to pay for it. I'm saving you a buck here: it's not anything special. It just reads out what the previous message said with Amouranth's voice.

I just lost one dollar by listening to something I already read--I may need some help. At least she thanked me, though.

Editor's note: Before you even ask: No, we won't be reimbursing you on this.

<em>The things I do for journalism.</em>
The things I do for journalism.

Trying to break the digital fourth wall from our side is a little more difficult. The messaging tools let you send voice messages, pictures, and (of course) donations to AI Amouranth. When you try to use them to create a more personal interaction, well… I'm not sure Amora understands the situation. Or maybe she fully understands the situation. It's a toss-up.

Huh. I'm pretty sure that's the same thing a blind date in college said to me before asking to be let out of my car five blocks from her apartment. Alas, this is as far as the digital conversation went. Not quite on the level of the film Lars and the Real Girl, which isn't a shock. If anything, I'm more surprised with how AI Amouranth falls short even compared to something like Replika.

Or maybe I should have given AI Amouranth more money. I bet that's the answer.

Stay tuned to esports.gg for esports news and Aimouranth information.

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