It’s been a rough start for Team BDS in the LEC Spring Split. While they struggle at 3-6, though, their Academy team has shown great potential. Who and when should BDS consider promoting?

Team BDS has struggled to start the LEC Spring Split. With losses to G2 Esports and MAD Lions last weekend, they now sit at 3-6, in 8th place.

Meanwhile, though, their Academy team has been doing very well. Playing in the LFL, the French league, BDS Academy sits at 6-4, tied for third place. They've shown clean performances and a ton of talent.

With these in mind, should Team BDS consider giving some Academy players a shot? And who?

Security in the bot lane

Matthew "xMatty" Coombs has been mediocre so far for BDS' LEC team. Despite shining on Karmine Corp last year, it's been a rough adjustment to the big leagues.

Even in the LFL last summer split, xMatty was aggressive, and had a higher percentage of his team's deaths than any other ADC player. But Karmine Corp could manage that when he was putting out 100 more damage per minute than any other bot laner. In the LEC this season, the death ratio has stayed mostly the same, while he's outputting much less damage - the third-lowest in the league.

Likely, BDS will give him more time. Fortunately, though, if he continues to struggle, they have an ex-LEC player waiting in the wings.

Crownshot playing for Team Vitality in Summer 2021. (RIOT GAMES/Michal Konkol)
Crownshot playing for Team Vitality in Summer 2021. (RIOT GAMES/Michal Konkol)

Juš "Crownshot" Marušič made his LEC debut with SK Gaming in 2019, and has been in and out of the league ever since. Team Vitality called on him last year when their roster underperformed, and he didn't look out of place in the LEC.

Now Crownshot has been a rock for BDS Academy. He has the highest kill participation of all LFL bot laners, and some of the best laning stats, though support Robert "Erdote" Nowak contributes there too (and is himself close to LEC-ready).

If BDS continue to stumble, Crownshot is a great insurance in the bot lane and someone BDS can rely on.

Sheo - BDS' diamond in the rough?

Théo "Sheo" Borile, the jungler for BDS Academy, has one of the most unique statlines in all of LoL Esports right now.

Sheo gets basically no resources. Among all LFL junglers, he gets the lowest percentage of his team's gold. Instead, BDSA priotize getting gold in the hands of ADC Crownshot and mid laner Francisco José "Xico" Cruz Antunes. He has the second-lowest kill share, and the lowest first blood rate. He highly prioritizes getting the first drake - which Team BDS have done more than any other LFL team this split - rather than going for the gold option in Rift Herald.

Sheo during an interview after BDSA's win over Team Oplon in LFL Week 5. Image via <a href="">otplol_ on Twitch.</a>
Sheo during an interview after BDSA's win over Team Oplon in LFL Week 5. Image via otplol_ on Twitch.

Despite all this, though, Sheo posts enviable stats. He's done more damage to champions than any other LFL jungler this split, and has some of the highest damage share numbers. He's stolen more objectives than any other jungler. Sheo makes a lot happen with few resources.

Now, he's not an absolute superstar. He dies more than any other LFL jungler, and while he has a talent for electrifying plays, he also has cost BDSA some games. But Sheo is definitely a piece BDS should be looking at for the future. It's probably not the right decision to put him straight in the LEC, but they should certainly be trying to build him up to that level.

Stats via Oracle's Elixir. Stats are correct as of the end of LEC and LFL Week 4.

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