Tired of the same old VR games? These five are worth your attention.

Veteran virtual reality gamers spend the majority of their time on social platforms or playing the same handful of sandbox games, but there are plenty of hidden gems in Steam’s VR section. From blistering fast movement to mind-bending puzzles, there are plenty of lesser-known titles to enjoy.

If you want to shake up your VR gaming routine, here are five fun titles you’ve probably never heard of.

To The Top remains a stellar movement game

To The Top came out in the earlier days of VR, but it remains a hidden gem for players who like fast and tricky platforming. The game is a cartoon-y parkour simulator with simple, but deep movement mechanics. The player’s only goal is to reach the finish as fast as possible, using their arms and a small handful of gadgets to get there.

Bunnyhops build momentum, which is crucial for finding every secret (Image via Electric Hat Games)
Bunnyhops build momentum, which is crucial for finding every secret (Image via Electric Hat Games)

The simple concept, however, is backed up by incredible aesthetics that truly take advantage of VR’s scale. One level features a bustling city skyline with the player using a crane as monkey bars. Another is a vertical climb-up giant mannequin masks dripping with honey. The off-the-wall look, stellar soundtrack, and hidden collectibles create a movement game with plenty of replayability.

Get in a stressful groove with Thumper

Beat Saber was one of VR’s first killer apps, but not all rhythm games have to be light-hearted exercises. Thumper bucks the trend with an aggressive soundtrack and an actual single-player campaign filled with electronic metal, boss fights, and some seriously wild aesthetics. The player controls a metallic beetle down three tracks, dodging obstacles to the beat while racing toward hell.

Thumper’s simplicity belies its intensity. It almost feels like a horror game in later levels, the backgrounds devolving into a nightmare landscape and a giant spiked skull waiting at the end of each stage. The dark electronic beats don’t vary much, but if you can appreciate the industrial vibe, Thumper is one of few VR rhythm games that can mentally overwhelm its players.

No More Rainbows is an adorable murderous rampage

The second movement game on this list, No More Rainbows asks the simple question of how precisely you can punch the ground. Your VR controllers are the monster’s feet, and you move by slamming them into the ground to propel yourself around. The levels have a certain flow that practically begs you to speedrun them, and the game will reward you for quickening the pace.

Show that cute little marshmallow man who's in charge (Squido Studio)
Show that cute little marshmallow man who's in charge (Squido Studio)

Half the fun is in the setting. You play as a monster whose lava-filled home has suddenly been invaded by fun-loving candy people. Your task is to reclaim your stomping ground by punching as many of them as you can in quick succession. The game’s grounded perspective and fast-paced gameplay make it a hidden gem that every VR player should try out.

In Death is an actually good VR roguelite

Roguelites seem perfectly suited to VR, but few games truly take advantage of the genre like Hidden Gem In Death does. The Gothic roguelite is a perfect pick-up-and-play game to enjoy in 20-minute chunks or grind out for hours. There’s enough legacy profession to make every run feel important and enough content to make those upgrades worth it.

Swap between several arrow types, a bow, and a crossbow to survive (Image via Sólfar Studios)
Swap between several arrow types, a bow, and a crossbow to survive (Image via Sólfar Studios)

In Death revolves around archery, but it's not the same combat staple as it is for other VR titles. The bow controls everything from movement to combat, and the bigger fights will equally test your decision-making and precision. The title does lack some polish as an earlier VR title, but developer Sólfar Studios stretched the solid concept to its absolute limits.

Jet Island is a hidden gem for VR veterans

Imagine every fun VR movement mechanic from flying to grappling to skating all mashed together in a giant open world. Add boss fights, aerial combat, and full physics into the mix and you get Jet Island. The game is absolutely overwhelming at first, and learning the controls can take up to an hour. However, once you get it down, you’ve unlocked the most freeform movement system in any VR game.

Jet Island is among the most dizzying games in all of VR, with fast head-centered movement in every direction all at once. This is great for veterans, but terrible for your friend trying your Index for the first time. If you’re still getting your VR sea legs, try out the other hidden gems on this list before hopping into this skateboard-hoverbike-grappling hook blender. Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest updates on gaming news.

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