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The Top Ten EVE Echoes Communities: Collaborating on a Game’s Shared History

EVE Echoes is an expansive game, and community members have come together to write about their respective communities and why there are so great!

In most MMOs community and player interaction is what makes the game more enjoyable to play. In EVE echoes this is no different, but the effect is amplified by the sheer scale of the game. Every year, we get a new news story about how in EVE millions of real life dollars were lost in an in game conflict. You can't get that in any other game. We decided to put together a history and top 10 list of the best communities of EVE Echoes. The following is a collaboration of players who are the part of these communities.

Candidates for Consideration

These are some of the most influential organizations of alliances and coalitions since the beginning of EVE Echoes and are thus candidates for the top 10 list. In relative chronological order:

1. Silent Alliance/Federation[SHH]

Formed on the 18th of August 2020, Silent Alliance began under MrPayToWin of PER corp based in Deklein. After various changes internally, it has grown to become a coalition of alliances under a single banner as the single with unchallenged domination of the Northern regions controlling Tenal, Branch, Deklein, Fade, Pure Blind. Silent has thrived with incredible infrastructure enabling multiple leaders to step up as executors.. Silent invests heavily in developing their players and leadership team. Leadership is a responsibility and this organization requires tremendous effort to ensure the community is served appropriately. With ambitions to serve their 5000 members as a multi gaming community, Silent continues to push the envelope as the #1 organization in Eve Echoes. 

Early History

Initially consisting of SHH, SHHH, SHHF, and allied with TF. It went to war with FF, VVV, NORF, HONK, Vendetta/SMUG and TF. Silent was one of the first organizations out the gate to scale and invest to drop one of the first in game structures (POS “Come at Bro”). This resulted in an epic battle uniting forces in the North against Silent to destroy that POS. In December, PayToWin promoted True Beast to Silent Executor to continue carrying the torch. Silent enacted a massive recruiting campaign converting itself into a federation. Silent onboarded a secondary alliance of CBWG, a renamed core of OP4S, BOT5 formerly of PIBC and DP and OBS.  It transformed into a federation of various alliances. SHH formed the anti-botting coalition with GHA and GF as well as allying with the Vale Coalition against the threats of FF and VVV on its borders. Well known FC Tahini made his exit from SHH to join MC at this time. 


Under the tenure of True Beast, Silent Federation began a process of revitalization through an internal overhaul and diplomatic endeavors, eliminating and neutralizing the coalition that very nearly destroyed it in December 2021. NORF had long since collapsed. TF had collapsed by this time due to its failures in war against Pantheon and QC. HONK was no longer an enemy. VVV was preoccupied with its eastern front against the GHA and Vale Coalition. It successfully prosecuted a war against FF, smashing its fleets and destroying all of their Sovereignty, claiming citadels by the end of February. It absorbed the Vale Coalition and parts of GHA, including most of its leadership and core corps in March and April. Nih1ist succeeded True Beast as leader in May.


Under the leadership of Nih1ist, Silent fought a tumultuous war against a reinvigorated FF with its new allies NO. At the insistence of one of his advisors and Pantheon diplomats, Nih1ist agreed to a coalition agreement with Pantheon and participated in the final battles of the southern war against OG, WARP and VOID, resulting in the final capitulation of that coalition. NO, along with its allies FF invaded Vale and in a rapid campaign destroyed the Vale Coalition. During the attempted defense, SHH was unable to come to an accord with Pantheon on the issue of HONK which had by this time joined the coalition, resulting in the breaking of an infamous short 3 day coalition against NO. At the beginning of September, Silent finally succeeded in breaking FF for the final time, absorbing a majority of its membership. However in the process, it was discovered Mommasaurus Rex, leader of GF, had secretly told the leader of FF that if they joined GF, GF and its allies Pantheon and C22 were willing to guarantee the survival of their citadels through either diplomacy or war. SHH reset standings with its long-time allies GF and destroyed the remains of FF.


Months of tension with Pantheon Coalition culminated in a joint declaration of war on Pantheon by Silent and NO. The two alliances created the Banana Blender server to coordinate a relentless campaign to break Pantheon before Capital release. Despite a valiant defense from Pantheon and its allies GF and C22, Pantheon was unable to match the pace of the attacks and collapsed one month after the onset of war. In December, standings were reset with NO. Nih1ist retired after a splendid tenure to allow Zen to become executor to continue the war against GenFed. Despite initial setbacks, Silent was able to mount a successful offensive campaign in GF territory. Ultimately, the war proved inconclusive and a NIP was signed.


Silent history is marked by eras conforming to its 4 leaders. Started as an alliance based in Deklein by MrPayToWin as the founding executor; Transformed into a powerful Federation by True Beast; Nih1ist wielded Silent’s might created by True Beast to smash its rivals FF and Pantheon to dominate the North; Zen inherited the legacy of his predecessors and ended the war against GF to oversee Silent in a new epoch of the game. - Written by Evil Darkness

2. Genesis Federation[GF]/GenFed

Formed before launch, Genesis Federation initially consisted of a membership drawn primarily from the mobile game Second Galaxy. Since its formation, it has been led by Mommasaurus Rex. It is one alliance spread into multiple due to limitations of game mechanics, all are held by variations of the executor corp GET and alts of Mommasaurus Rex. They are a dominant force in the southern regions of New Eden primarily based out of Esoteria with control currently extending to Period Basis, Paragon Soul and Feythabolis.

Early History:

GF brokered ally agreements with the precursor to Pantheon, to Death Phantom and QC. Owing to grudges long held from both Second Galaxy and Beta, GF immediately went to war with the OP4S and Elysium coalitions, eventually prevailing over both of its opponents by the end of October 2020, taking control of Impass, Paragon Soul and Period Basis. After the fall of OP4S, negotiations broke down over disputes with its coalition ally DP over the fate of Impass, formerly OP4S territory. GF negotiated a coalition with GHA and SHH under the pretext of a war on botting against the DP, VVV and FF, respective rivals of each of the anti-botting coalition members. By the end of December, GF successfully destroyed DP and gained control of Feythabolis and Omist.

War Against SC/CC

Much of the members of the vanquished DP coalition fled to the F coalition, which was renamed to Angel Cartel Republic[ACR]. ACR created the Southern Coalition consisting of ACR, WARP, NEEC, DLT, FTL, VOID, HAN/VALK, CAF, OG and GHA to destroy GF. By February, it successfully destroyed all GF Sovereignty Citadels and began settling corps and personnel in GF territory. However, upon the destruction of all GF Sov, they were able to deploy their forces into GHA space and apply constant pressure. The creation of many structure timers revealed a GHA weakness around structure defense coordination and led to GHA dissolution by March 2021. Without GHA, the remaining members of SC were unable to contest the combined might of Pantheon and GF, eventually capitulating in June 2021. Though GenFed survived this war, it lost its former stature and is much weakened. 

Later History

Due to various reasons, relations soured between GF and its longtime ally Silent resulting in mutual standings reset. At the end of September 2021, SHH and NO declared war on Pantheon. GF despite previous assurances that it would not take a side in such a war committed to fully supporting Pantheon against the Northern forces. After the collapse of Pantheon, many corps found refuge in GF which reached a peace agreement with NO and continued the war against SHH. The war against SHH began with a series of GF victories in the North, including a few Citadel kills. However, by January, the balance had shifted in SHH’s favor, leading to a string of losses for GF. Ultimately, a peace agreement was signed to end the war inconclusively.


GF started as one alliance in Esoteria, won wars against OP4S, Elysium, DP, GHA, SC expanding its vast territory. It survives as the sole remaining hegemonic power in the South in the present.

3. QC/C22

I came in around the time TM left QC. What was left was c22, EA, HBGR, and a few others. We saw the unwillingness of the groups to do what needed to be done. EA wanted to side with SC against GF. The rest of us wanted to stay out of it... But side with old allies if we had to. EA left us and HBGR voted to disband the QC. HBGR joined us. We blued PanGen and together won the SC / CC war. There was some downtime but eventually the war came back. This time it was NO and SHH against Pantheon. GenFed decided to join with pantheon and we were brought in as before. But we couldn't support 100%. Behind the scenes FRA had taken us into a war again with the eastern bloc, specifically SCG. This meant that while PanGen had to fight all of the north, we had to fight all of the south. They weren't willing to help, so we pulled out of the northern war, with some help anyway. But this meant instead of fighting NO SHH, and PACT at the same time, we could focus solely on PACT. This however meant that as people pulled support from Pantheon, they were left with no support... and failing leadership. Thus came the fall of Pantheon and SonBanana. After the fall of Pantheon, there was a power vacuum that everyone came for. Except us. We still had to fight all of PACT. This was proving to be a problem. So FRA decided to split from c22, which was the very reason for the war. In leaving they started shooting ships that were leaving their space. This started the Catch civil war. We went to OG, and told them of the French betrayal. They agreed that while C22 had been enemies, their issue was with the French... Not all of C22. We ended the conflict with PACT then. War continued with FRA, now named AAA, their new allies of RM, GGWP. RM had been part of PACT, but supporting AAA against what was now OG meant they were in violation. So they broke PACT to continue the aggression in Catch and Querious. C22 tried to rebrand into RiP... But that didn't work, so the groups that wanted to continue with OG left for their space. The ones that didn't, moved to Querious and formed KINGS. Now we are getting to the end of the war over catch, but alas Catch 22 is no more. The people have moved on, but we are forever strong. - Written by Xeonon Joringer, former C22 leadership

4. OG Empire [OGE]

OG’s History

OG started from humble roots with a partnership between the two corps JCF and TRY with about 100 members and the majority of players in these groups joining due to JCF Of YouTube’s videos.  This meant there were a lot of new players who didn’t really have any Eve Online or Echoes experience.

OG setup it’s first home in MP5, located in Paragon Soul at the start of the server and spent the first few months focused on teaching new players from YouTube how to play and things seemed to be going great; however, OG operated as a council at the time and JCF and TRY’s leadership at the time were under the false impression that if OG minded it’s own business and didn’t attack anyone else, that everyone else would leave them alone and they could avoid taking sides in the larger conflicts that were beginning to wage between Genfed, Elysium, DP, HappyBees and TF.

OG’s first war was with a group that began living in MP5 and OG’s leadership suspected of botting after seeing suspicious mining/PvE activity,  “which was much more prevalent at the time.”  OG won this war after a few weeks of fighting, after baiting out a small engagement to kill a handful of their flagship omen navy issues which at the time were worth 1b+ back when plex cost 60k because they were using these blinged out omen navies to protect their botting assets.

After winning our first war OG felt like we had finally secured our home and for the first time it was only OG living in our constellation.

Then the first attack came and everything changed. Most of OG’s members and leadership had never played Eve and hadn’t experienced the true brutality that can be Eve warfare.  First they came for our miners, and we were not prepared.  We defended our space the best we could, popping their faction frigates as they taunted us saying that Netease was replacing their losses when they submitted tickets claiming the losses were due to a bug “pre-insurance.”  

After this GenFed began roaming OG’s remote pocket on a daily basis, and our predominantly inexperienced community got it’s first taste of the larger political game at play and the ease at which the larger powers in our area were asserting their power over smaller groups through sheer numbers and political influence.  Our miners and ratters were constantly under attack and the only diplo we received from GenFed was being told that the attacks would stop if we joined them and that by not joining we were choosing to side with their enemies in Elysium, who OG at the time were only even vaguely aware of.

A good example of OG’s relationship with GenFed comes from one of the first interactions between Genfed and OG leadership was when OG’s executor iSandman who is known for multiboxing 10 characters at a time was flying a squad of PvP fit ventures waiting in an asteroid belt for Genfed roamers when he was attacked by a covert ops cruiser while “mining.”  It was quickly apparent that the covert ops cruiser didn’t expect a fight though, because when he uncloaked and was quickly scrammed, webbed, neuted and killed by a squad of miners, he proceeded to rage in local about how he recorded everything on video and he was going to get OG banned for cheating.  “In retrospect even though I’d never broken the TOS, I probably shouldn’t have taunted him back by telling him, good luck because my dad works for Netease too!  Before podding him home” -iSandman… As it turns out that covert ops pilot was none other than one of GenFeds top leaders at the time Kerensky.

Shortly after, for the first time, GenFed roamed OG’s space with a large fleet and burned an important base of ours in JK-GLL.  Prior to this neither side had burned the other's bases.  OG retaliated with the war cry that is still talked about today of “Remember JK”, and proceeded to burn 18 of GenFeds best bases.

Eventually GenFed conquered and consumed/removed all alliances and corps from Esoteria, Period Basis, and then Paragon Soul.  After the Elysium alliance fell, OG (~8 corps and 400 people in size) was notified that until we agreed to move out of MP5, that we would be camped into MP5 by Genfeds ~13 alliances at the time.  OG’s council of leaders realized there were some tough decisions ahead and decided at this point to switch from a voting system to appointing iSandman as OG’s executor.

It was at this point that it was decided OG should cut our losses and find a new home.  Lucky for us, VOID who we had no interactions with previously let us crash in one of their NPC stations while we located our long term home.  For about a month OG lived in F2A’s NPC station in insmother with VOID until we found our ideal location in Wicked Creek, where we still live today.

It wasn’t an easy move to Wicked Creek though. There were two big issues.  One, a polish alliance (SOON) was living in scalding pass that was constantly roaming and harassing VOID, and two, Catskulls Cartel ran by Captain Benzi had recently left GHA and was interested in moving into Wicked Creek which was only occupied by a hardcore group of Russians at the time in an alliance called risky.

The day of our planned move, one of OG’s leadership “Skullastic” was scouting our potential home of 4-E when he encountered a blue “catskull” gatecamp in the dead end pocket/pipe that our move op would be going through and to our surprise upon decloaking he was immediately attacked by CSKL, who was supposed to be blue with us at the time.

To OG this was a big betrayal at the time, because we had been in talks with CSKL for over a week offering to share Wicked Creek for mutual protection, and although we were about twice the size of CSKL they had been clear that their corp wanted all of Wicked Creek for their corp and that they weren’t willing to share it, so when they attacked one of our leaders who was only scouting in a frig, we were done with the games.

Within 10 minutes OG had flash formed an impressive 80 people out of ~400 people in the alliance and notified CSKL that we would be setting them neutral for 24 hours “while we moved into 4-E.”  About a week later CSKL announced that they would be joining VOID and shortly thereafter moved out of Wicked Creek.

Then, OG moved on to deal with our second issue of SOON.  This wasn’t a massive and grand server war, but it was a major war for the area nevertheless.  SOON were formidable opponents who had lived in the area for a very long time and had been harassing and roaming VOID to no end for months.

When OG had moved into 4-E, we understood our critical routes to hi-sec and were aware that SOON would be a major long term threat, so we declared war on SOON and invited VOID to secure the pipe.  The decisive battle was ~100 OG (60bc/40c) and 50 void(frig/desi) vs 250 SOON (50bc/200c/f) over SOON’s staging POS “Chicken Coop), but the true deciding factor was how predictable server instability was.

For the fight we had deployed a handful of interdictors to bubble our own fleet to prevent warp outs because everyone was using drones, and we expected DC’s to be constant, but bubbles were fairly new.  As their fleet DC’d and warped off, our fleet stayed on grid inflicting damage even while reconnecting.  SOONs fleet of nearly 250 was wiped out “and intel showed they had no centralized SRP”, and OG had only lost ~10 ships in total.  Shortly after this fight, SOON announced that they were joining MC and left the area.

Total victory for OG right?  We had successfully fully conquered Wicked Creek and Scalding Pass and we were finally out of the grasp of GenFed.

But peace was short-lived.  Within our first month living in Wicked Creek we had become acquainted with our Chinese neighbors (F1), who lived in Detorid and we largely left each other alone “from our part mostly because we had seen them form 200+ people before and we didn’t want to anger our large new neighbor, but to our surprise “and to many of our original members concerns” it wasn’t F1 that started to roam through the area, it was GenFed that began roaming through Detorid and into our space / out to hi-sec.

So when one of GenFeds fleets roamed through F1’s space in Detorid and reinforced a large number of their citadels “which were much more rare at the time,” OG having experienced Genfed’s expansion before was seriously concerned.  So when F1 requested aid on their armor timers, OG rallied VOID and WARP to prevent GenFed from further expansion towards Wicked Creek.  This was also before any offensive attack from F1 or anyone in the East onto Genfed.

GenFed attacking F1 citadels In Detorid prior to any offensive attack from F1 was the reason that OG pushed for VOID, WARP, and other alliances in the East to originally form Content Coalition.  Content Coalitions charter stated that the predominating fear of CC was that GenFed’s conquer/consume mentality would eventually result in a situation where they controlled over 50% of the nullsec player base which would then allow them to dictate/control the rest of the game including taking space from whoever they saw fit for whoever they saw fit.

One admittedly big bit of shortsightedness from OG was actually not expecting F1’s ambitions at the time.  Once CC was able to defend against GenFed, F1/ACR began their offensive, and from our perspective it was a complicated situation.  Our neighbors had just been attacked by the group that pushed us out of our previous home, but going on the offensive against them seemed unnecessary.

Shortly after F1/ACR’s offensive into GenFed and pushing them back into period basis, GenFed formed a coalition with Pantheon and C22.

“When I say coalition I mean the literal definition of coalition for those who to this day deny PanGenC22 being a coalition despite half a year of being aligned offensively and defensively”

-  - a temporary alliance of distinct parties, persons, or states for joint action

This was the beginning of the end for CC and a huge move for GenFed as it put them in the 50%+ range of players that CC was worried about being able to control the outcome of the game for everyone else.  After this coalition was formed it became quickly apparent that CC, as big as we were, could only form just enough people to successful defend some timers during Chinese prime time to prevent losses from PanGenC22, but with the sheer number of members with 50%+ of the game being a part of alliances in PanGenC22 (50+ alliances at peak when corp cap was already 30) we were never able to form more on offense as they could on defense, which meant CC leadership agreed it wasn’t possible to go on the offensive against PanGenC22 without SHH support.

The nail in the coffin was always that CC (maybe 20% of nullsec) could probably hold out against the superior force of PanGenC22 (50%) defensively as long as SHH (the roughly remaining 20% besides NO etc) didn’t get involved.  Unfortunately SHH at this time decided to join PanGenC22, to form PanGenC22SHH.  From CC’s perspective, regardless of motive etc, we had 70%+ of the game waging war against us.  Within 2 weeks alliances within CC began folding under the pressure and giving into demands of publicly apologizing to GenFed etc, and most groups ate their crow and apologized to GenFed.

OG did not publicly apologize to GenFed and they keep us red for it to this day. Because OG does remember JK-GLL, and we will never apologize to anyone for defending our space or our Allies space, and we paid the price of not apologizing when PanGenC22 mobilized against only OG to attack our staging citadel, but knowing we were going to lose “we even played a song called we are so fucked”, we went head first into the fight and lost the battle, but ended the war.

That could be the dramatic end to the story where PanGenC22SHH walks away with the game and OG/CC slink away to the shadows, but that is not how this story ends….  It’s only at this point that the climactic part builds…

NO who made bank off merc contracts assisting CC “because we honestly could not have withstood the 50%+ mass of PanGenC22 if we had not been hiring them along the way”….  Decided to set up in Vale, and it was an easy decision for PanGenC22SHH to accept all of Vale into their coalition in an effort to defend against NO who had been a thorn in their side for so long.

What they hadn’t expected, now that they had 70%+ of nullsec, was how taxing 40-50 jumps would be for PanGenC22’s members to do an offensive campaign. This led to a swift victory from NO where SHH also realized PanGenC22 were not nearly as invulnerable or capable of attacking or defending.  After this realization SHH did a large standing reset “but didn’t declare war” on PanGenC22, which was a huge move after being blue with GenFed for so long.

This is also when the biggest discord battle of Echoes history began.  Everyone was trying to convince everyone else that everyone was out to get and conquer and destroy everyone else, and ultimately it resulted in a war in the north between SHH&NO/Pantheon&Genfed, and a war in the south between C22/OG&Allies.

The result of this conflict was the dissolution of Pantheon, and C22.  Pantheon’s dissolution was planned with C22 being unplanned but related.  - Written by iSandman, executor of OGE.

5. Gooseflock Featheration[HONK]


6. FireFlies [FF]

FF failed to provide us with a history. 

7. Pantheon Coalition[PANTH]

Pantheon’s story dates back to the start of the game, when the whole of null sec was a wasteland, ready to be conquered and exploited by the players. Three big alliances had put their sights onto the south western area of New Eden: Terran Federation, which ended up claiming the whole of Fountain, PIBC, a huge Chinese alliance, (infamous on the Eve Online Serenity server for controlling most of the map, and using and promoting cheats such as bot mining) who claimed the western side of Delve, and Happybees, a newly born alliance from the remains of Valador's Goonswarm Empire, settling in the eastern side of Delve. The first weeks were rough for Happybees, as PIBC held an enormous numerical advantage, and used to station camp HAPB everyday, except for the Chinese nighttime. As time went on though, several smaller alliances, back then known as Pandemonium, Shadow Syndicate, The Collective, The Cosmos and Star Legion came in the area, and immediately, collaboration between them sprung. After Star Legion dissolved, on the 18th of October, 2020 the remaining alliances branded under a new coalition name, Pantheon. After a betrayal of a decently sized part of Happybees, and weeks of struggles, finally Pantheon was able to deal a massive blow to PIBC by destroying their only and main space station, in the battle of E3OI-U, on the 31th of October 2020. PIBC fled from the area with the little they had left, and Pantheon consolidated into Delve, the region that would have then become their "capital".

After opening diplomatic relations and allying with their south eastern neighbors, the newly born Querious Coalition, an industrial powerhouse led by Trimark Heavy Industries, and the gigantic Genesis Federation, Pantheon started small to medium scale offensive operations against the Terran Federation, their northern neighbors, after having found proof of them being allied to PIBC for several months. After Pantheon managed to steal (!) a Terran Federation space station, with what would have went down as one of the most famous and humiliating war operations up to date, Terran Federation didn't hesitate and declared war on Pantheon. This war was a tougher challenge for the newly born coalition. Pantheon had just managed to settle down in Delve, with barely 2 weeks of peace time, and Terran Federation, unlike PIBC, was mostly made up of experienced and disciplined pvp pilots. Adding up to the formations were MC, Mercenary Coalition, a highly proficient mercenary unit, serving alongside TF, and the Querious Coalition, allied to Pantheon. At the first space station battle, Terran Federation showed up their ability to mobilize hundreds of players, and showed their first hand, superior to Pantheon's. But as time went on, small skirmishes and medium scale fights occurred always closer and closer to the Terran Federation borders, and far from the allied ones. After managing to heavily damage one of their main structures, on the 12th of December, Pantheon and the QC issued a call to arms and rallied to destroy the structure. A huge, bloody battle sprung in the solar system of 7BIX-A, that would see Pantheon and QC emerge as victors, destroying the station, not without suffering huge losses too. From that day on, the Terran Federation lost grip on the situation, and the war turned into a one sided bloodbath inside the region of Fountain. Remarkably, Pantheon started paying their pilots for the kills inside the region of Fountain, which unleashed a swarm of bloodthirsty pilots into the burning region. No place was safe in Fountain anymore. The walls had been breached. By the first week of 2021, Terran Federation dissolved: their corporations had begun messily evacuating from the region, stopped cooperating with each other; in the end, there was nothing left to save.

Pantheon took over the Fountain region, adding a second under their belt. In addition, several TF corporations decided to not leave the region and join up under the conquerors' banner. But even after a second war, Pantheon knew no peace. In the meantime, a game update introduced bigger player owned structures, called Corporation Citadels, landmarks of whole alliances, and the allied Genesis Federation decided to anchor two. Despite being the biggest alliance in the game, GenFed lived close to a gigantic Chinese coalition, named ACR (Angel Cartel Republic), that possessed huge manpower, and tons of allies that desired revenge on GenFed, seeing them as oppressors: between them, the most remarkable ones were OG Empire, VOID Federation and the biggest and most remarkable of them, the Golden Horde Alliance, nearly as large as GenFed, and known as being the first and only democratic entity in the game. We will refer to them as the Southern Coalition. This huge mob of players descended on the GenFed citadels, destroying most of what they built, and putting them in a precarious position. Pantheon didn't hesitate to answer the call, and joined the war alongside GenFed, despite still being hugely outnumbered, nearly 1:3. This war was the first war that involved the whole server, a war of immense proportions compared to the latter ones. The last GenFed citadel was vulnerable on the 31th of January, and a huge fight went down in the citadel system, known as WX-6UX. This would go down as the biggest fight ever fought up to that date, and the sheer amount of players that the Southern Coalition deployed in the star system was enough to reach the server cap and completely lock GenFed and Pantheon out of it. The citadel was destroyed, leaving Genesis virtually homeless.

GenFed didn't drop the ball, and despite the huge morale loss, they hid in the dark, and fought a guerilla defensive war inside of their own regions, to prevent the SC from advancing further. Even though this plan gave SC no big objectives to destroy or pursue, it still proved inefficient against the sheer mass of the SC armada, which pushed everyday into GenFed territory, slowly but steadily. In February, the SC anchored a station of their own, in the system where GenFed owned the citadel that made the whole war start, ZID-LE. In response to that, the allied forces tried a desperate call to arms to destroy the citadel. It was an offensive operation, so the SC had all the cards in their favour: the battle would have went on in the Asian timezone, where the defenders would have a gigantic numeric advantage. This is, up to date, the biggest battle ever fought in Eve Echoes' history: in the citadel's star system, the server counted over 1500 players, of which barely 325 were attackers, and all the rest, part of SC. Pantheon and GenFed, after an initial server cap issue, took the fight heavily outnumbered. Despite their best efforts, it still wasn't enough: the SC forces swarmed on top of the attackers, once again, winning by sheer numbers, successfully defending the structure and leaving the battlefield as a bloodbath. In the meantime, the old Querious Coalition had fractured, and many of their alliances joined Pantheon. A part of them, though, would join another small alliance, Catch22, which would then join in the war, side by side with Pantheon. Their coalition would have then been known as PanGen22. Another huge wave of players, corporations and alliances suddenly recognised Pantheon as a bright hope for their future, and joined their ranks. Pantheon was now the biggest single entity in the game, surpassing GenFed, and it would remain as such until it's much later death.

The CC, which had a much smaller fleet, turned their tail a few jumps out, unable to withstand the over 1600 PanGen22. players that were logged in and scattered across the constellation. That same night, GenFed announced that they would light up the banners of their regions again, for the first time in half a year, and with the help of Pantheon, they anchored over 10 citadels all at once. It was an insane defeat for the CC, which moved a lot of propaganda and made fun of the fact that GenFed was homeless and living in the darkness. The morale of the PanGen22 coalition, though, was never this high. On the 13th of June 2021, exactly 6 months and 2 days from the start of the war, the Grand Finale would go down, back where it all started, back where PanGen suffered their greatest defeat, back where GenFed anchored their first citadel, the one that caused the SC to attack them en masse and try to wipe GenFed off the face of the game: the system of ZID-LE. PanGen22, once again outnumbered 1:2, with over 1000 pilots in the star system, fighting uphill as ever, managed to destroy the citadel, wipe out the CC fleet and walk away with little losses, thanks to some outstanding fleet maneuvers of one of the Pantheon fleet commanders. It was celebration all over, as most of the CC surrendered, and the rest were unable to continue the war further. GenFed took back their four regions, and recovered from a war that had cost them everything. What was left of them, though, was an incredibly tight knit core, which didn't turn their backs on each other even in their darkest times: GenFed was reborn, regained their dignity, and left the CC alliances to flee with their tail tucked between their legs.

The biggest and only (so far) server wide war had finally ended, and Pantheon was finally living its first month of peace, but yet another local conflict sprung, this time in the far North-East: A small coalition, named TVC (The Vale Coalition), had been semi-peacefully living in the region of Vale Of The Silent for months and months, with nobody contesting their claim on the region. But one day, a newly born elite mercenary alliance, that went by the name of [NO] Please Stop, anchored a citadel right next to them. TVC and their allies, Pantheon and SHH, that went by the name of Silent Federation, answered to the call, and destroyed the citadel. [NO] Please Stop, although small, disposed of some of the best players in the game, and started to pillage and burn the region. Pantheon and SHH, between incomprehensions and clashes of interests, attributed mostly to a part of SHH going rogue and attacking Pantheon behind their back, were unable to stop the small elite alliance from capturing the region, and destroying everything the TVC owned. This would go down as the first, although of external interest, conflict lost by Pantheon, and it showed the first signs of weakness of the huge coalition that had dominated the game till then. Signs that would then become way clearer months after, such as the growing lack of inexperience between the pilots, which back then could have been proud of taking 1:3 odd fights without hesitation. They had been sitting on their laurels for a bit too long, and the few months of peace were beginning to be felt amongst the Pantheon ranks.

8. Golden Horde Alliance [GHA]

GHA was formed in Cache in August 2020 by ODIN, USSF, CSKL and DARK. The alliance was based on a model of two different tiers of membership: Senior and Junior partnership. The senior partner corps each have one vote on the Senior Partner Council as the primary decision making body of the alliance. Bojangles901, the CEO of ODIN, was designated as alliance executor. GHA quickly cleared out all competing corps in Cache and established full control over the region. The alliance quickly grew whilst maintaining constant skirmishes with SOON, SKY and AUF. Notably, also one climactic fight against SHH which was for a short period the largest battle in Echoes at 1000 players.

GHA enjoyed a mostly peaceful early history free from the large scale wars which consumed the rest of the nullsec alliances at the time. In October, one of the founding corps, CSKL, left the alliance. In November, following the collapse of OP4S, 4 of its constituent alliances and many other corps moved to GHA including NSF led by LGC, OP4D led by DIT, thereafter renamed DH, OP4A led by IOP which merged into NSF and TBD which merged into DH. This massive new population allowed GHA to expand into Geminate and part of Great Wildlands. 

In November, an anti-botting coalition was formed between GEN, SHH and GHA against primarily their respective rivals: DP, FF, VVV. GHA participated in both the northern SHH vs VVV&FF war and the southern GEN vs DP war with limited success. IOP left NSF to create the ZH alliance, an APAC wing of GHA, to better facilitate fighting and recruiting from the Chinese alliances. 

In December, due to Bojangles recklessly promising new corps swift elevation to Senior Partner status and a consistent failure to deliver on that promise, a schism had formed in GHA. Several corps led primarily by HTP, UNI and LGC with the support of USSF formed a secret cabal known as The Coalition  dedicated to the complete destruction of the old leadership structure and the creation of a new one. USSF ceo R4W leaked SPC proceedings, votes and discussions to UNI lead, Evalia. UNI and the other Coalition member corps jointly published a document known as “The Grievance” calling for the immediate demotion and expulsion of ORC and OBI from the alliance for having opposed UNI’s attempted ascension into the SPC. Bojangles suspended the operations of the SPC and asked representatives of all corps to draft a new Charter. 

LGC CEO Blackdogs, representing The Coalition, contacted ZH executor IOP Evil Darkness and DH executor DIT Zel in an attempt to garner DH and ZH support for their plans, as NSF could not control Geminate as an independent entity without DH and ZH support. Both Evil Darkness and Zel recognized the dangers posed by the Coalition’s intentions. After secret meetings with XAN CEO, DIT CEO, ORC CEO, OBI XO and many others, IOP Evil Darkness forms a second faction to oppose the Coalition. J3D CEO DistantKnight29 was granted access to the Coalition server and leaked a vast trove of historical and current plans of the Coalition leadership to Evil Darkness. An attempt made by HTP CEO, Gregary97 Hearst, to reach an agreement between the two factions was unsuccessful, resulting in screenshots of secret military plans against the GHA by the Coalition to be made public by Evil Darkness. An emergency meeting was convened by the old SPC and evidence presented with all asking Bojangles to act in countering the threat of the Coalition. Bojangles failed to act and therefore ORC and OBI left the alliance to join GenFed. The Coalition corps united under the NSF banner and seceded from GHA.

A new charter was drafted by the remaining corps and a transitional government was installed to oversee the interim. Evidence was discovered of NSF representatives contacting GHA allies VOID and Vale Coalition for support. Negotiations between the Transitional Government and NSF failed and war was declared. Despite a brief evening of success by the NSF due to the surprise showing of an FT alliance fleet, it had rapidly lost the war within 72 hours having failed to obtain the support of ZH and DH internally, VVV/SVC/VOID/OG externally. NSF corps was granted a 24 hour blue period to evacuate from Geminate. A few corps returned to the GHA under the name FALL, others joined Pantheon. 

At this time, tensions had risen between the ACR/the southern coalition and GenFed, starting the first server spanning war. Elections took place inside GHA, elevating IOP, RED1, QRM, DIT and XAN to a new 5 man Executive Council. IOP Evil Darkness became the face of this council and therefore presumptive leader of GHA externally, leading to many humorous portrayals of him as a Puppet Master and dictator. The RED coalition in Impass had collapsed, its old leader Bretonec contacted Evil Darkness through old OP4S connections and sent most of his members to GHA under the name RETH but himself would leave the game. This new injection of active members made up for the loss of ORC/OBI and NSF in December. After a consensus to back SC in the war if necessary, IOP Evil Darkness set out to break the bonds of the Anti-botting coalition in preparation and strengthen GHA’s relationship with the Southern Coalition. Within days, diplomacy broke down as Mommasaurus Rex declared GHA had chosen a side and thus GHA formally went to war with GEN and its Allies. Standings were reset with GEN, Pantheon, C22 and SHH becoming red; All SC alliances and FF in the north became blue. 

Initially, the Southern Coalition enjoyed resounding success, having destroyed all GENFed sovereignty citadels and anchoring their own deep into Gen territory, even destroying a Pantheon citadel in a GHA joint operation with VOID. The most infamous of these drops was the GHA WX citadel located 1 system away from GENFed capital. Exploiting a defensive weakness in GHA as it was fully focused on the offensive and several CEOs neglecting to update citadel timer settings, the PanGen22 coalition launched a 2 week campaign in a series of attacks on GHA structures. Due to mistakes in timer settings, the citadel reinforcement timers were set at times impossible for the predominantly Chinese SC to help with. Additionally, the various groups inside GHA were unable to coordinate their separate fleets effectively in battle. 7 citadels were lost in a week, causing chaos within the alliance. Due to the exit of many key corporations, GHA was effectively dissolved by March 30, 2021. Of the 5 former Executive Council corps, RED1 and XAN would join SHH. DIT and QRM(BH) would join Pantheon, rebranding as RXR and RSS respectively. IOP would break apart with half joining SHH under a new corp C4T with Evil Darkness, the other half merging into DIT with Derry. 

For a time, GHA stood as one of the most powerful alliances in New Eden with the most sovereignty citadels and stood at the center of a massive coalition spanning from Tenal to Omist controlling over half of all claimable territories. However, due to the arrogance of its leadership and inherent structural flaws combined with incessant infighting, its fall was just as rapid as its rise. GHA serves as a warning for future alliances on the dangers posed by competing interests of individual corps born of a decentralized system and unchecked growth. It lives on in memory and stories as its people dispersed to all corners of the galaxy, becoming integral parts of their new communities.

9. F Coalition/ACR/SCG

Angel Cartel Republic, or ACR coalition, was formed in January 2021 by F1, F2 and F3. F1 was created in September 2020, and F2 and F3 in October. All three alliances are created by the founding members of F1 with no order of precedence and are henceforth referred to as ACR. In the beginning, ACR was a small and unimportant alliance that moved around in the north and west before finally settling in southern Angel space. After the trials of many battles large and small, it finally emerged onto the world stage in December 2020. Everyone knows that in the beginning, there were four major Chinese alliances: FF, VVV, PIBC and DP. In the early stages, PIBC fought a grueling war against Pantheon and its allies, eventually was forced to withdraw from Delve, being greatly weakened. In the north, FF and VVV similarly fought against SHH and its allies. The situation in New Eden at the time can be described as a struggle between Chinese groups and foreigners who sought to block Chinese development. In the south where ACR lived, there too were world changing events. Southern foreigner alliance GEN enacted imperialistic policies, refusing to peacefully coexist and cooperate with southern Chinese alliances. GEN constantly attacked, seized Chinese territory and oppressed its neighbors. As the largest Chinese power in the region, DP was the primary target of GEN. DP was eventually defeated and destroyed due to various reasons. We as ACR have learned the lesson that once our shield is breached, we will be vulnerable too. We tried to help DP in every way we could, and after it’s dissolution we inherited the endangered banner as the pride of China. In January of 2021, the sovereignty era began. GEN immediately dropped two citadels, one of which was dropped on the edge of Chinese space, a clear sign of contempt and condescension. ACR has seen clearly the true face of the foreigners who hate Chinese people. ACR was well rested and prepared for war. On January 20, a new coalition with ACR as its primary force uniting alliances foreign and Chinese declared war against GEN. We formed over a thousand people for multiple battles in an unfavorable timezone and successfully destroyed all GEN sovereignty by February 1 2021, putting on the light of the bully alliance GEN. ACR made history. The First World War. The first citadels were destroyed. GEN became the first alliance to be extinguished. This war led by ACR created some breathing room for the southern Chinese alliances and opportunists for growth. We united friends both foreign and Chinese to drastically change New Eden. It also saw the reformation of a new wave of anti-Chinese foreigner alliances. At our peak. We contained GEN and its allies for 6 months, obtaining many historical achievements. The history of ACR is the history of uniting groups foreign and Chinese against imperialist and oppressive alliances. Now, with the population of the game dropping and destruction of all other Chinese led coalitions, ACR remains on the frontlines of the struggle for the survival of Chinese groups in international service. -Written by unknown ACR member, approved and released by [JTS]R.星河/Eric, paramount leader of ACR.

10. NO Please Stop[NO]


[NO] Please Stop was formed by 3 PvP focused pirate corporations: ‘[SKY] Black Sky’ (CEO: Cult), ‘[PEW] Black Legion’ (CEO: Tahini) and [CRB] Cerberus-Echo (CEO: Conopus) at the beginning of 2021 with the intention of forming a mercenary alliance staged in nullsec entry systems in lowsec, with no standings or diplomacy with any other group except temporarily for the fulfillment of merc contracts. Some of these corps were formerly in [MC] and pursued an improved model to mercenary work. 

Early History:

NO effectively completed over 50+ contracts throughout 2021 and quickly became a hostile group to most of the alliances in New Eden.

Regardless, the majority of these alliances and coalitions had contracted NO at one point or another given the success rate of contract completion. 

Some of these contracts were decisive for the winning or losing of major wars to either side and NO was therefore part of the militaristic assets an alliance could count on to tip the scale.

As NO’s involvement in the major wars influenced enough to end them, NO saw a decreasing amount of mercenary contracts from which to capitalize on.

The stance of Pantheon and influence over its own allies to not hire NO services, created tension between both groups.  

As the economic model of NO turned towards being a sov holding alliance to generate a stable income outside of contracts, Pantheon and its allies took an offensive stance to eradicate NO from owning sovereignty within New Eden. 

NO’s first citadel ‘A small tree fort stands among tall mountains’ (in mandarin) was placed as a surprise to the alliance by KOFR and was shortly after destroyed by Pantheon, Catch 22, SHH and the Vale Coalition.

This ignited NO on a campaign against Pantheon and those who participated in destroying its first Citadel.

NO began this campaign by fully invading ‘The Vale Coalition’ who at the time was blue with the majority of the map except NO.

During this invasion and to pursue the eradication of NO’s potential sovereignty, Pantheon formed the ‘GOAT’ coalition which included Pantheon, SHH, Genfed, Catch 22 and the Vale Coalition. This coalition represented the 5 largest blocks on the map and over 70% of the nullsec player base.

Upon a failed attempt to stop NO’s invasion and 2 weeks in, the Vale Coalition had all of its sovereignty destroyed, with a trillion of ISK in losses and the coalition wiped off the map.  

NO then began to establish its new sovereignty in the recently invaded ‘Vale of the Silent’ and ‘Geminate.’ 

PanGen22 War

The pursuit and public narrative of the Pantheon Coalition and it’s Gen+C22 allies (biggest block at the time) towards wiping NO from the map, led to NO fully deploying into Pantheon space. For 3 months NO inflicted trillions of ISK in damages to Pantheon.

Tension arising between SHH and Pantheon pushed for the former to abandon the GOAT coalition and led to the creation of the ‘Banana Blender’, a temporary coalition between NO and SHH against PanGen22 (Pantheon, Genfed and C22).

Despite some of the most epic fights ever seen in Eve Echoes and an incredible display of defense by the strongest alliance in the game and its allies, the Pantheon coalition went from holding 145 Sovereign systems to completely disbanding one month into the war after relentless attacks by NO and SHH.  NO and SHH lucratively entosis’d , downgraded and looted many of these citadels as a consequence and shortly after reset standings with each other. 


By the end of 2021 NO had destroyed over 25 Trillion ISK (500,000 USD$) of ships. An amount which was severely understated given that the kills from the Asian corporations in NO (over 50% of the alliance) , lead by infamous Chinese PvP corp [KOFR] (CEO: Lycan), were never reported.

The parsed numbers already place NO as the highest ISK destroying alliance in the map, despite being one of the smallest. The estimates of reported and unreported killmails would place NO as potentially having destroyed close to 50 Trillion ISK (1,000,000 USD$) of ships and structures in 2021.

A small alliance with a focus purely towards PvP fought it’s a way against all odds to be an established sovereign entity, fostering and pursuing a PvP environment across New Eden. - Written by [PEW] Run, an alliance Director of NO.