Everything leaked for Crownfall, the next massive Dota 2 update cover image

Everything leaked for Crownfall, the next massive Dota 2 update

A greatest hits collection of Battle Pass content.

Dota 2’s developer is notorious for its secrecy, but even the mighty Valve can't hide what's already leaked for Crownfall. Dota 2 players are chomping at the bit for the next big update, which is scheduled to come out this month. However, as the weeks have rolled by, fans have revealed several sneak previews hidden in the files.

Here’s everything we know about Crownfall based on leaked files, confirmed info, and Valve’s own reveals.

PvE game mode likely leaked for Crownfall 

The biggest reveal from the leaks is a new PvE game mode for Crownfall, the first in several years.

This is based on leaked files from Dota 2 itself. The biggest indicator is a new boss fight featuring Queen of Pain. Fights against super-sized heroes are a staple for PvE game modes like Aghanim’s Labyrinth and Dark Moon. 

A second leaked document that shows some kind of Crownfall novel in a folder titled “battlepath” further supports this theory. Battle Path could even be the name of the game mode, which would feature a novel of some sort detailing the event’s story.

Both pieces of leaked information strongly indicate a story event that involves  These kinds of fights rarely appear in PvP modes, so casual players should get a fun new way to enjoy the game later this month.

The next Battle Pass is likely on its way

Based on other leaks, Crownfall will likely feature a Battle Pass in tandem with an alternate game mode.

None of the leaks directly mention a Battle Pass, but almost everything surrounding one is present. Files all but confirm two new Arcanas for Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit. They also indicate new Skywrath-themed sets for Crystal Maiden, Drow Ranger, and Oracle. Lastly, Valve has added new files related to Candyworks, indicating the return of the fan-favorite mechanic.

Crownfall will need some way to roll out all of this leaked content, and a Battle Pass is the most obvious choice. Dota 2 hasn’t had one since 2022’s Diretide. The leaked files don’t explicitly refer to a Battle Pass, but between the Arcanas, new skins, and Candyworks references, fans should go ahead and get their wallets out ahead of time. 

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