WOW! These CS2 cosplays are amazing! cover image

WOW! These CS2 cosplays are amazing!

With cosplay budgets like these, their skins must be amazing.

Counter-Strike 2 may be a buggy mess unfit for competitive play, but people these days will play anything. In fact, some players love the game so much that they even dress up as the characters! Hardcore gamers know that you don't have to be a sexy lady to dress up as a fictional character. We've combed the internet to find the most amazing CS2 cosplays and assembled them all here for you to see.

The best CS2 cosplays from around the world!

When they're not preventing extreme acts of violence, the French National Gendarmerie police force seems to enjoy a few rounds of CS2! In the image below, three officers are rocking amazing cosplays of the agent skins added in Operation Riptide. They even have a tablet just like the one in Danger Zone. Valve, can we bring the battle royale back to help these civil servants relax?

Next on our list of the best CS2 cosplays is something for the T-side! This photo was taken at a meetup of a popular Middle Eastern gaming and cosplay group. They could spawn in on Dust 2 and no one would blink an eye! With AKs and plenty of utility, they look ready to storm A site on a buy round. There are millions of CS2 fans all around the world, but these gamers seem particularly fanatical about their favorite tactical shooter.

Our final amazing CS2 cosplay is from the West Virginia Bluefield police department. When they're not patrolling the streets, these officers love dressing up just like their favorite CTs. This group cosplay is likely based on the defending side for Nuke, one of the game's most historic maps. We have to dock points for picking the M4A4 over the superior M4A1-S. Still, this level of dedication makes it worthy of our list of the very best CS2 cosplays.

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