Over the past couple weeks there’s been talk about the pro player’s influence on the changes in Apex. Join us to see the community’s reaction

Over the past week or so, there have been multiple threads on Reddit, Twitter and other social media posts about the state of Apex Legends. The tweets and posts focus on the recent changes that have come to the game, believing that the changes have been heavily influenced by professional Apex players’ suggestions. Although most community members don’t seem to care about the changes, there is an outspoken few that have voiced their opinion.

Comments and backlash of the new season

The comments seem to be referencing recent big changes to Apex Legends. Over the past couple seasons, pro players have been making some comments regarding some aspects of the game. Although its not confirmed, the comments have been noticed by developers, and it assumed that they inspired the changes. The most noticeable examples are with the changes to the Kraber and Gold Knockdown shield.

A while ago, competitive players were noticeably frustrated with the Kraber and wanted it removed from competitive Apex. Soon after, in the following season, the Kraber got its infamous nerf. The same happened with the self-revive shield, which got changed this season alongside the gold backpack.

Are the pros really at fault?

Although the outspoken few are a rare case, every voice in the community matters. But in the grand scheme of things, pro players should have a strong voice regarding the state of apex. To play a game at the highest level, and for a living they understand the game at more levels than the casual player. At the end of the day, pro players want the Apex to be as skill based as possible. Without relying if you’ve been graced by a Kraber in the package or a gold shield.

Although its true that pros have a larger platform to suggest changes. However, the suggestions aren’t guaranteed to make it into the game. As NiceWigg puts it while reacting to the topic: Yes, some suggestions that pro players make are implemented into the game. But, not all changes come from the pros. In some cases even some pro players don’t even like parts of the updates. If the devs took every suggestion, Caustic and Wall-Hack Legends would not be as strong as they are.

But other community members make other good points. If you like some of the changes that have happened over the past couple seasons, it’s not because you enjoy watching the pros. Everyone is their own person and entitled to their own opinions about a game we all love.

At the end of the day, we all want what is best for Apex. We as a community all love the game and want to see it thrive. Causal and pro players alike shouldn’t be afraid to voice their opinions. However, people should be frustrated at the changes, as the goal behind them is to make Apex a better game for everyone.

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Noah Pather

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