Mark your calendars!

miHoYo is gearing up its next massive title, Zenless Zone Zero, also called ZZZ, for the big launch. The renowned publisher will host a Pre-Release Special Program livestream "Welcome to New Eridu" to share with fans about what's coming during release including new Agents and official rewards. More below!

When is Zenless Zone Zero Pre-Release livestream?

The Pre-Release livestream for Zenless Zone Zero goes live on June 28th at 19:00 UTC +8 or 7:00 PM China Time.

You can find more timezones for the livestream time below.

Pacific Time [PT]
4:00 AM (1 day earlier)
Eastern Standard Time [EST]
7:00 AM
British Summer Time [BST]
12:00 PM
Central Eastern Time [CET]
1:00 PM
Indian Standard Time [IST]
4:30 PM
China Standard Time [CST]
7:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time [SGT]
7:00 PM
Japan Standard Time [JST]
8:00 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST]
9:00 PM

What to expect in the ZZZ Pre-Release Special Program: "Welcome to New Eridu"

On June 21st, the developers of Zenless Zone Zero announced an upcoming livestream that will introduce eager fans to upcoming content in Zenless Zone Zero during release. The livestream will be presented by miHoYo's CEO and founder, Liu Wei - also known as Da Wei.

The post teased the introduction of new Agents, which are playable characters that you can obtain in the game. There are currently 15 available Agents in ZZZ and there's one upcoming Agent called "Hoshimi Miyabi" that will likely be included in the Pre-Release program.

The Pre-Release program will also announce "official release rewards". This will likely include pre-registration rewards and milestones gifts for early birds. On top of that, miHoYo will also give "reward drops" such as redemption codes, livestream prize draws, and more!

Where to watch the ZZZ Pre-Release livestream

You can catch the live broadcast across multiple official platforms. We have included them in a list below. You can also find the Twitch livestream readily embedded here:

Players are now eager to land in New Eridu and dive into its unique aesthetics. So make sure to not miss out on the Pre-Release livestream and its content here on!