It seems like cheating is increasing in XDefiant as of late.

It seems that cheating has gone out of control in XDefiant a mere one month after the full release, despite Ubisoft's best efforts to prevent it.

Several legit XDefiant players are sharing their experiences with cheaters mainly on Reddit and X after the game came out. One case in particular, where the cheater essentially turned himself into an unbeaten superhero — or should we say supervillain, in this case? — stood out and became a thread in which lots of players complained about XDefiant's current state.

"This and all the weird cheat deniers are what will kill this game. Hopefully console-only crossplay comes soon to help alleviate some of this," one player said. "Played earlier and every single TDM [Team Deathmatch] game I played had a hacker," another player said.

And by the looks of it, it seems like cheaters are simply creating burner Ubisoft Connect accounts to cause havoc in XDefiant lobbies. This happens to other free-to-play shooters like CS2, and it feels like developers can never catch up to all cheating software that pops up on the internet.

On the Reddit post below, we can see a player with a random nickname "user3332024" finish a game with unrealistic 97 kills.

It's impossible to measure how bad cheating is in XDefiant unless Ubisoft reveals how many players it banned already, but it does look like the cheaters are getting the best of it for now in the early stage of the game.

What does Ubisoft have to say about the cheating in XDefiant?

Luckily for the community, the game's executive producer Mark Rubin is quite active on social media and often answers players' questions or even requests to ban cheaters.

On May 25, four days into XDefiant's full release, Rubin vowed Ubisoft would get rid of cheaters, but recognized it's an uphill battle.

"Cheaters are being banned and investigated and will not be tolerated," Rubin said on May 25. "But as I've said many times before, It's a constant battle. These people legitimately HATE video games and HATE you as a player. And yeah, I'm MAD about it!"

Now that the XDefiant playerbase is seemingly growing disgruntled with the cheating, Rubin said "they are all getting banned" and that developers lose time that would go into making "cool features" into banning cheaters.

For now, all that XDefiant's players can do is hope that Ubisoft keeps banning cheaters as soon as possible and come up with a way to prevent them from joining lobbies in the first place. Given Rubin's stance on social media, it's unfair to say Ubisoft isn't trying.

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