All you need to know about Yinlin.

Yinlin officially joined Wuthering Waves on June 7th and players are more than excited to begin pulling her character. But who exactly is Yinlin and what are her builds and weapons? Here's all you need to know about the new star of Wuthering Waves!

Yinlin of Wuthering Waves. (Image via Kuro Games)
Yinlin of Wuthering Waves. (Image via Kuro Games)

Who is Yinlin in Wuthering Waves?

Yinlin is the latest 5-star Resonator in Wuthering Waves. The red-haired character has an Electro attribute which gives her the ability to displace charges. She is a Congenital, one of four different classes. Yinlin is a steady and reliable person, who was a former Jinzhou Patroller. She was born in Huanglong on September 17th. The character's voice actor is Naomi McDonald in the English language version of Wuthering Waves.

SPOILER AHEAD! Yinlin's Companion Story - Solitary Path Quest

You will first meet Yinlin via her companion story, also called the Solitary Path quest. In this quest, Yinlin is introduced as an undercover Patroller who's on a mission to investigate the Seance Society. The Seance Society is a group of people who have lost their loved ones and given realistic puppets as a replacement by the Master Dollmaker. Rover, the main character, follows Yinlin around to discover more information about the puppets and the Master Dollmaker.

But soon after Rover followed Yinlin into an isolated safe house, Yinlin electrocutes and knocks her out - revealing that she was actually working for the Seance Society. Rover was brought to the Master Dollmaker who realized her powerful potential and wanted to use her for his ultimate project.

Throughout the final part of the quest, Yinlin revealed that she was indeed working for the Master Dollmaker until she realized he has an ultimate motive and was working with an extremist evil troupe, Fractidus. Realizing the dire situation, Yinlin secretly worked with Rover to take down Master Dollmaker in his doll factory.

Wuthering Waves: Yinlin skills and abilities

(Image via Kuro Games)
(Image via Kuro Games)
Quick Description
[Basic attack] Zapstring's Dance
Yinlin can perform up to four consecutive hits with her Zapstring puppet, dealing Electro damage.
[Forte Circuit]
Chameleon Cipher
When her 'Judgement Points' are full, Yinlin's basic attacks are replaced with Chameleon Cipher which deals Electro damage to all targets with 'Punishment Marks'.

'Punishment Marks' are dealt to targets hit with Yinlin's basic attacks and skills.
[Resonance Skill]
Magnetic Roar and Lightning Execution
Yinlin goes into 'Execution Mode' in which her attacks and dodges create an Electromagnetic Blast targeting units with her 'Sinner's Mark'. Can be triggered once at a time, up to four times max.

You can click Resonance Skill one more time after to activate Lightning Execution, targeting an enemy and dealing more Electro damage.
[Resonance Liberation] Thundering Wrath
Yinlin uses Zapstring to summon thunder and deal Electro damage upon a large area.
[Intro Skill] Raging Storm
Yinlin commands Zapstring to deal Electro damage in a large area.
[Outro Skill] Strategist
When Yinlin is swapped to another character, the next character gains a percentage of Electro Damage Deepen and Resonance Liberation Damage Deepen for a period of time.
[Inherent Skill 1] Pain Immersion
After activating her Resonance Skill (Magnetic Roar), Yinlin's Crit Rate is increased for a few seconds.
[Inherent Skill 2]
Deadly Focus
When activated, Yinlin's attack is increased for a few seconds and the damage output from her Resonance Skill (Lightning Execution) increases against targets with 'Sinner's Mark'.
All skills for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves.

Yinlin's weapon: Rectifier

Yinlin wields the Rectifier - one of five weapons in Wuthering Waves. There are many weapons with the Rectifier type such as the 5-star Cosmic Ripples, 5-star Stringmaster, and the 4-star Augment. Each weapon has different perks such as giving a better ATK damage or bonus damage to Resonance abilities. The best and most suitable weapon for Yinlin is the 5-star Stringmaster. Here is the item description:

Increases the DMG Bonus of all Resonance Attributes by 12%. When Resonance Skill hits a target, increases ATK by 12%, stacking up to 2. When the equipped character is not on the field, increases their ATK by an additional 12%.
5-star Stringmaster weapon description.
(Image via Kuro Games)
(Image via Kuro Games)

Yinlin's Forte materials and Ascension materials

To strengthen Yinlin in battles, you must farm materials and unlock higher levels. If you want to improve her abilities, here are the Forte materials you need: Whisperin Core, Lento Helix, Adagio Helix, Andante Helix, Presto Helix, Unwarranted Feather, and Shell Credits.

To increase Yinlin's level cap and improve her hero stats, you must collect Ascension materials. For Yinlin, you need the Whisperin Cores, Group Abomination Tacet Cores, Coriolus, and Shell Credits.

And that wraps up our character overview for Wuthering Wave's new star Yinlin! If you want to grab the new Resonator, make sure to start pulling and try your luck on the When Thunder Pours banner. More Wuthering Waves news and updates will be right here on!