Wuthering Waves finally has global merch!

Kuro Games, the developer of Wuthering Waves, has announced official merch to celebrate the successful release of the game. The Release Celebration Gift Box is one of the first pieces of merch from the game available globally. Alongside the game box, fans can also pre-order a Crownless Ultimate Figure.

What Wuthering Waves merch is being released?

The first of the two announced pieces is the Release Celebration Gift Box. The set brings with it some of the most requested Wuthering Waves merch. The YangYang Lark plushie included in the package was incredibly sought after by fans. Previously, the Closed Beta II & Fan Creation rewards included the plush.

YangYang Lark Plush
Gulpuff Fridge Magnet
Tacet Field Themed Metal Badges
Image via NekoTwo

Everything included in the Release Celebration Gift Box

The new gift box, priced at $50, includes seven items, with the plush included alongside Fridge Magnets, Badges, and a Notebook. The items included in the box are:

  • Yangyang Lark Plush
  • Animals of Huanglong illustration Notebook 
  • 3x Tacet Field-Themed Metal Badge
  • 2x Gulpuff Fridge Magnet

One of Wuthering Waves' popular Echo/Boss Crownless also joins the merch lineup. The Overlord Class echo gets its own Ultimate Figure announced alongside the gift box. Priced at $400, the figure is a towering 44cm in height and nearly as wide.

Crownless is the first Figurine released for Wuthering Waves (Image via NekoTwo)
Crownless is the first Figurine released for Wuthering Waves (Image via NekoTwo)

How to purchase Wuthering Waves merch?

Despite numerous unapproved websites making their rounds on the internet, Kuro Games released this as their first official merch collection. Currently, the merch is available on pre-order. The gift box has a stated release date of September 2024, while the Figurine will be available in January 2025.

Here's how you can pre-order the Wuthering Waves merch:

  1. Head to one of the two official stores offering the merch: NekoTwo or AmiAmi
  2. Select the item you want to purchase (Release Celebration box, Ultimate Figurine)
  3. Add the item to the cart and proceed to checkout
  4. Make sure to double-check the shipping charges and dates.
  5. Complete checkout to lock in your pre-order.

The items are available for global shipping, but there may be additional customs fees on top of the stated charges.

Is this the first Wuthering Waves merch?

This release is the first official Wuthering Waves merch available for global purchase. According to some Reddit posts, Kuro Games previously offered merch as prizes for various events and even released some merch in Korea. These included items like Acrylic character stands, badges, and even a Dal.Komm collaboration.

Image via u/tenten-tenten/ on Reddit
Photo via u/nyanyastore/ on Reddit
Image via u/nyanyastore/ on Reddit

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