Blizzard starts 2024 by offering new, expensive WoW gold sinks cover image

Blizzard starts 2024 by offering new, expensive WoW gold sinks

Blizzard is kicking off 2024 by offering a number of new WoW gold sinks, including a midas-touched mount and some classic weapon looks.

We've talked a lot recently about the state of World of Warcraft's economy. Simply put, G.R.E.A.M--Gold rules everything around murlocs. You can buy gold with IRL money and that opens a number of doors around Azeroth. However, it looks like Blizzard added a new (and temporary) way to flush some digital currency down the toilet if you're in need of some retail therapy. Who doesn't love a good WoW gold sink?

Added today to the game and available until August is a number of WoW gold sinks for those of you truly flush with money. And while all of these are reskins of items available right now in the January Trader's Post, that doesn't matter now does it? After all, the point of any good WoW gold sink is to flaunt something few others possess.

Let's take a look at items available and where to find the vendor.

WoW gold sinks: Valdrakken edition

<em>The location of the Valdrakken Black Market Auction House. Credit: Blizzard</em>
The location of the Valdrakken Black Market Auction House. Credit: Blizzard

You'll want to head over to the Black Market Auction House in Valdrakken and speak to the NPC Ms.Xiulan. You'll find her on the Petitioner's Concourse in the western part of the city. From now until August she'll offer players a flat rate on a number of WoW gold sinks meant to stress out just about any wallet.

Those prices aren't for the faint of heart. However, it includes a golden scarab beetle mount, some rad recolors of troll transmogs, and high definition weapon transmogs of the Quel'serrar weapons. Now, you may be asking yourself why the price of these items are so high when most are reskins of stuff currently on the auction house.

The simple answer? You gotta spend the gold somehow. Blizzard has a long tradition of adding WoW gold sinks into the game meant purely as a way for the top earners to show off their hard work. This includes past offerings like the Brontosaur mount that once cost a cool one million gold.

<em>Credit: WoWhead</em>
Credit: WoWhead

My biggest worry is that we'll see folks spend IRL money to get these items via buying the WoW Token. However, I'm also guessing this is why the items are all reskins of freely available stuff. Regardless, you'll have until August to scrape together the gold for these rare items.

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