Need a reason to jump back in? Hardcore realms are on their way to WoW Classic.

You know what? The original World of Warcraft wasn't hard enough. Someone should really do something about that. And lo, like that the heavens hell opened up and Blizzard made a long-expected announcement: WoW Classic hardcore servers are real, they can hurt you, and they will be coming soon. The publisher made the confirmation earlier today on social media.

The announcement comes as an attempt to inject life back into the game with a mode that started as an addon and a gentleman's agreement. Given there really isn't any more "classic" World of Warcraft to put into WoW Classic--sorry, Cataclysm--will this be enough to keep old school fans happy?

WoW Classic hardcore: Don't open, dead inside

In the usual World of Warcraft fashion, the community came up with a fun thing and now Blizzard is using that idea for itself--and probably taking all the credit. The Classic Hardcore Addon is a popular method for achieving WoW Classic Hardcore mode. Though, even with the addon it does require everyone playing along.

In addition to tracking--and alerting other players--if someone dies, the addon also blocks use of the mailbox and auction house. It will also verify if someone's run is valid and they have indeed not died. There's no word yet on what features, if any the official WoW Classic Hardcore realms will use.

<em>The WoW Classic Hardcore addon website.</em>
The WoW Classic Hardcore addon website.

Is this a good move? Honestly, it's one that might be sorely needed if Blizzard intends to keep the WoW Classic players happy. The game has fallen into a content lull since the release of Wrath Classic. Most guilds were able to clear even the Ulduar content the first week. That said, Hardcore realms will inject some randomness and insanity back into a game once known for such things.

We'll keep you updated when official features of the WoW Classic hardcore realms hits the blue tracker.

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