It’s time to take back the Forbidden Reach in Dragonflight patch 10.0.7, launching later in March. Here’s the deets.

In need of a content infusion as you traipse around the Dragon Isles? The WoW Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 finally has a release date, coming on March 21. Meant to fill in the gaps between now and the release of 10.1 and the Embers of Neltharion, 10.0.7 will send players back to the Forbidden Reach for new adventure.

What's awaiting players when they return to the Dracthyr starting area? Let's look.

What's in Dragonflight patch 10.0.7?

New zone, who this? If you didn't rock a Dracthyr Evoker or weren't paying too close attention then the Forbidden Reach may seem like a mystery. A lot has changed since now-dead raid boss Raszageth came down and blew the Reach to smithereens. Here's a shortlist of new stuff to expect:

  • New starting city in Morqut Islet, featuring vendors and quests
  • Faction envoys that give +10 percent rep increases for mainland factions
  • New single-player dungeon experience called Zskera Vault
  • Mega-storm events and new opportunities to farm Elemental Overflow
  • New Dragonriding races, Glyphs, and abilities
  • Pet battle-based storm events and new collectible pets

We can also expect more storyline progression coming, as multiple tidbits and hints have appeared all around the expansion. This includes new readable tomes found in the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon that provide insight to the relationship between Prime Designate Odyn, Tyr, and the stoneforged people.

Curiously, there are tips and hints everywhere that a certain undersea queen is finally ready to make her return to World of Warcraft. This includes the return of the Naga, appearing in the Forbidden Reach. What could this mean? If Azshara is still alive does this mean that the Old Gods yet live?

<em>The Naga return to WoW as the Forbidden Reach opens.</em>
The Naga return to WoW as the Forbidden Reach opens.

All of these questions and more will be answered when Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 launches on March 21 in North America and everywhere else shortly after. Hope you're ready for some new content, y'all.

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