It’s time to go underground with the Embers of Neltharion launch trailer.

The time is now. Well,, because server maintenance on a big patch day is a never-ending torture. But, later? Oh yeah, later will be the time that is now, because patch 10.1 is ready. The next chapter in the Dragonflight tale is upon us and what better way to celebrate than this new Embers of Neltharion trailer?

While there's no information to be had, this is one of the best-looking trailers the World of Warcraft team has put together in a long time. Take a look at this beautiful, new footage below and we'll dissect some of its offerings.

Embers of Neltharion trailer is live

If you've been ignoring the news up to this point then the Embers of Neltharion trailer is a huge info-dump. Patch 10.1 will see players on the Dragon Isles go deep underground to the new zone of Zaralek Cavern, home of mole people, magma slugs, and the Dracthyr race's deepest secrets.

This trailer highlights the brewing civil war going on between the various dragon factions, including the turncoat Ebon Wing brigade. We know thanks to the Abberus, The Shadowed Crucible raid description that no good will come of this trip down under. However, it is striking to see former siblings in the Dracthyr go toe-to-toe for control of Daddy Neltharion's legacy.

The world of World of Warcraft could be in for some dark times after 10.1 launches--when it launches. As with every patch day in the history of WoW, you shouldn't expect Embers of Neltharion to launch right on schedule at 6 p.m. EST like the Battle Net launcher says.

Then again, we've been surprised before! Regardless, we'll meet you all down there in the big, scary hole of adventure. After all, what could go wrong down in the dark?

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