Someone has already crafted the Legendary Evoker weapon, as fast as it was revealed.

In the time it took to write up a brief about the long-rumored Legendary Evoker weapon it appears someone went and crafted the damned thing. The race to world first event finale came with a spectacular surprise in the form of a server-wide unlock. As it turns out, what unlocked was the ability to craft a Legendary fist weapon meant for the Dracthyr Evoker class.

And if you thought this was going to be some long, drawn out quest and months of grinding to craft the thing then you clearly don't know World of Warcraft players. Faster than the announcement began to hit websites a player for Team Liquid crafted the Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy weapon.

Does that mean other players may soon follow? Let's look at what you'll need to get cooking.

How did Sanghelios craft the Legendary Evoker weapon?

Credit: Team Liquid
Credit: Team Liquid

The questline to craft Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy begins with the item Cracked Titan Gem. Scalecommander Sarkareth in the Aberrus raid drops this item and each difficulty has a higher chance of it dropping, with Mythic guaranteeing it. The gem will give the player a quest called Neltharion's Legacy, which will start players down the path.

What path? Nozdormu is looking into the history of a legendary weapon called the Oathbinder, once a drop from the Icecrown Citadel raid. To help in his quest you'll need to craft the various aspects of this gauntlet.

We hope you like rare crafting materials. The various includes:

Crafted from a Blacksmith.

Crafted from a Jewelcrafter.

Crafted from an Engineer.

After all of that you'll get a special scenario that takes players out to the Maelstrom to watch Neltharion's dying moments.

The weapon in question

<em>Credit: WoWHead</em>
Credit: WoWHead

First: Here's the stats for that Legendary Evoker weapon.

Fist Weapon
Item Level 457
Durability 95 / 95
402-605 Damage
Attack Speed 2.6
197.9 damage per second

+2,028 Intellect
+1,351 Stamina
+189 Versatility
+267 Mastery

Equip: Your Empower spells activate the Order magic within, releasing a sphere of Order that seeks a powerful ally, increasing their primary stat by 500 and Speed by 600 for 10 sec.

Big numbers for a big weapon. However, don't be surprised if it takes a bit longer to see more people with this weapon. It's a real "it takes a village" kind of thing to gather all of these materials and crafters. I imagine that crafting the Legendary Evoker weapon took all of Team Liquid's resources and players working to make it happen.

Which is to say that I look forward to crafting it myself ten years from now.

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