WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase 2 is coming next month cover image

WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase 2 is coming next month

If you’re ready for more WoW Classic Season of Discovery then you won’t have to wait much longer, as SoD phase 2, comes next month.

Is your WoW Classic Season of Discovery character at max level? If not you've got a month exactly to hit level 25 and prepare for what's next. Announced today in a blog post from Blizzard, WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase 2 is set for launch on Feb. 8. Now, that's plenty of time to get moving if you've been plugging away at SoD phase 1 here and there, but phase 2 rapidly approaches.

Let's take a quick look at what to expect when you're expecting to play WoW Classic in the next phase of this new mode.

What's the WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase 2 launch date?

Going live on Feb. 8, the next installment of WoW Classic SoD allows players to continue leveling up, to a new maximum of level 40. The new phase also contains:

  • Reward additional talent points to 31
  • Gnomeregan as a new raid dungeon
  • New runes and abilities
  • More!

What's the 'more'? Blizzard is mum on what's to come in Season of Discovery phase 2, but safe to say it'll either be the best or worst thing to happen to WoW Classic. For those of you keeping score at home and wondering where you'll want to level, check out the screenshot from Blizzard. That's right, it's time to get your Stranglethorn on, venture into Thousand Needles, and head up to Arathi.

Joy. Who doesn't love reliving trauma?

Personally, I have some work ahead of me if I'm going to be ready in time. I managed to get a few toons to around level 18 before getting distracted by my duties over on retail WoW. We'll keep you up to date on what's new with WoW Classic SoD phase 2 as we get closer to launch on Feb. 8. Until then: Keep grinding!

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