New Mythic+ Season 2 affix will have players tangled all in knots cover image

New Mythic+ Season 2 affix will have players tangled all in knots

Tangled up in blue? A new Mythic season 2 affix coming in the next major WoW patch looks to ground players where they stand.

Tentacle monster lovers rejoice, the affix of your dreams is coming to World of Warcraft! Dataminers have been working overtime to uncover all of the secrets in the 10.1 PTR patch. And while this usually means fun stuff like new lore, mounts, and areas, one new affix for Mythic+ Season 2 has players tangled up in knots.

Literally. Welcome to the Entangling affix.

Entangled in Mythic+ Season 2

There's been much adieu about the coming Mythic season 2 affix balance and what players will be expected to suffer through. You'll struggle to find anyone that's a fan of Volcanic, Grievous and Quaking in the current season. However, the new affixes coming with patch 10.1 feel equally grievous.

The first and worst on paper is the new Entangling affix. Initially, the vague tooltip below led players and Mythic+ sufferers to assume the worst:

  • Entangling - While in combat, entangling vines snare players.

Those seven words could mean a wide variety of things. Is this a slow? Does that mean you're locked into place for the duration of combat? Does this effect hit everyone at once? Can cooldowns remove the debuff? However, after digging into the files the dataminers of WoWhead found that it's a bit more straightforward in practice.

Entangling looks straightforward and not how the tooltip of the affix reads at all. Players get attached to a vine, slowing them for 50% and forcing them to run away from the anchor point within 8 seconds to snap the vine similar to those typical full the plant quests that everyone loves (or hates). Otherwise, they'll get stunned for 3 seconds. 


Tangled up in blue green

A further dive into the datamining found that the Entangled effect has its own new string of code and is separate than the standard Entangled already found in the game.

  • Entangled  - An entangling vine snares players, reducing their movement speed by 50%. After 8 sec the vine entangles players, stunning them for 3 sec. Players can snap the vine by moving 10 yards away from the source.

Less scary? Sure. However, classes with less malleable movement cooldowns such as Priests may find the upcoming Mythic season 2 affix rotation to bring nothing but misery and woe to those who cross its path.

We'll know more about the new affix implementation in the coming months when patch 10.1 goes from PTR to retail.

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