Hearthstone Anniversary World of Warcraft event: What to know cover image

Hearthstone Anniversary World of Warcraft event: What to know

It’s party time in the world of Warcraft.

Happy ten years of Hearthstone! It feels like only yesterday that the fun World of Warcraft card game was only in beta. And now, here we are ten years later and still playing. Honestly, it's kind of astounding. That kind of longevity deserves a celebration, and what better way to party on the Hearthstone Anniversary than with some World of Warcraft in-game goodness?

Starting today and through March 18, World of Warcraft players can tackle some of the biggest Hearthstone characters durings its anniversary celebration. This includes a jam-packed raid encounter running every hour, a special mount, a cute mouse, and more!

Let's look at what's available during the Hearthstone Anniversary in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Hearthstone Anniversary: Ring of fire

The celebration begins with each player getting a Hearthstone Invitation Letter in their mail. You'll be asked to head over to Valdrakken and talk with the NPC MC Farala, getting a free booster pack of cards! From here, the list of activities includes:

  • Sit at a game table located in Valdrakken, Stormwind, or Orgrimmar to engage in a match with an opponent.
  • Engage in playing Hearthstone Wild Cards in the vicinity of game tables.
  • Keep an eye out for the Shady Dealer to acquire Wild Cards.
  • Special encounters will provide the opportunity to defeat iconic minions and incorporate them into your deck.
  • Accumulate cards to unlock achievements and earn rewards, such as your very own Hearthstone Game Table.

There are 21 cards to collect in total, with getting all during the Hearthstone Anniversary World of Warcraft event scores you an achievement. As for other rewards, we also have:

  • The Fiery Hearthsteed mount
    • Simply log in during the event to score the mount.
  • Collector's Carryall 36-slot bag
  • Compass Rose mount
  • Sarge mouse pet
  • Hearthstone game table
  • Stone of the Hearth hearthstone
  • Transmogs for Reno's Lucky Hat, Taverner's Belt, and The Tavern's Tabard

You'll have until March 18 to log in and grab your rewards! make the most of this 10th anniversary of Hearthstone, get in World of Warcraft, and have some fun out there!

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