Have a need for speed? Let our WoW Dragonriding guide get you up and into the air with information on the basics, movement, and navigating the skill tree.

Perhaps the biggest added feature in WoW: Dragonflight is Dragonriding, which allows players to guide a flying reptile friend through the air. While each expansion usually has its own movement and flight restrictions, Dragonflight gets you flying within your first few hours on the Dragon Isles. That also means there's a lot of information to absorb. Allow esports.gg to be your shepherd on the path to WoW Dragonriding with this guide on the basics, keeping an eye out for Glyphs, and more.

Hurry! To the dragons!

WoW Dragonriding guide basics

A new mount-based system called Dragonriding allows players to soar, glide, and fly across the mountainous terrain of the Dragon Isles. Besides being visually customizable, your new dragon pal's flying abilities can be improved via a research skill tree as you progress through the expansion. As an added bonus, this mount is account-wide which means your toons will have Dragonriding access immediately upon arriving on the Isles.

This mount not only allows high-speed flight of up to 800% movement speed but also glides and gains verticality via its basic Dragonriding abilities. While you'll gain more abilities and skills as you progress through the Isles, here are the basics.

Dragonriding abilities and you

All Dragonriding abilities cost Vigor, which is an energy bar of blue ovals that appear on the screen while on your Dragonriding mount. These are the basic abilities:

Surge Forward - Vigor Cost 1
Flap forward, gaining a small burst of momentum.

Skyward Ascent - Vigor Cost 1
Flap upwards, gaining a small burst of momentum and altitude. Pressing the Jump key twice while grounded will automatically use Skyward Ascent.

Whirling Surge - Vigor Cost 3
Spiral forward to cover a great distance, gaining a large burst of momentum. 30-second cooldown.

Bronze Timelock - Vigor Cost 0
Mark a waypoint of your current position for 3 minutes. Once you have a waypoint created, this spell turns into Bronze Rewind, which can be used to return you to that waypoint. You cannot create a waypoint while flying, but you can return to that waypoint while in the air. 3-minute cooldown.

The general flow of flight

The WoW Dragonriding system and its movement are unlike anything found previously in the game, so allow us to guide you through the basics. Movement on your dragon is based on momentum: If you're flying straight you eventually lose altitude and speed, causing your dragon to drop straight down. However, you can avoid this by angling your dragon downward via its nose, which causes the mount to build up speed. This is indicated by gushing lines of wind around the mount.

You can use this built-up speed to swoop down and then back up into an arc. This lets you gain some height, but with diminishing returns. The basic abilities will allow you to keep afloat and build speed, but this is also why where you start your flight is crucial. Dropping from upon high means you'll have more airspace to work with. Meanwhile, starting from low requires you to use the basic abilities in order to build up speed and air.

The best uses of Dragonriding is in hopping large distances of terrain with your Skyward Ascent, almost using it like a giant frog. However, there will be time when you must take to the greater skies and you'll want greater assistance if you want to stay in the air for long.

WoW Dragonriding talents guide

Accessible through the Renown tab on your mini-map, the Dragonriding talent tree increases your Vigor regeneration and gives new abilities. You'll level up these skills by collecting Dragon Glyphs found throughout the Isles. These glyphs are golden orbs that are easy enough to spot, but your dragon will also lend a hand. When a glyph is nearby you'll gain a buff that alerts you to the its presence and how far away it is from your current location.

It's in your best interest to collect all of these glyphs as soon as possible. The more you gain the easier a time you'll have staying in the air. Doubly so since the Glyph points are also account-wide.

Take to the skies

As the expansion goes on you'll find more ways to make your dragon feel unique. This includes customization options for its visuals and even entirely new body models from raids like Vault of the Incarnates. While it's a shame you can only use your dragon mount on the Dragon Isles, it won't be long until you're up in the air and flying with the best of them!

Keep an eye on esports.gg for more information on WoW, Dragonriding, and Warcraft guides in the coming months!

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