When nature calls you must answer, even when down in the dungeons.

When nature calls, you must accept the long-distance charges--even in the World of Warcraft. It's in our nature as flesh-and-blood beings to find the nearest restroom, porta-potty, or convenient hole in the ground when it comes time to release some, uh...."coolant." Lucky for everyone we're bringing you the Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 dungeons ranked by where it's best to go boom-boom.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself, "Hey! Isn't it bad social skills to go AFK during a dungeon, ESPECIALLY in Mythic+?" And you'd be right! Good on you! However, we're not talking about the filthy gamer behind the keyboard and their needs. They can just go get a jug, or a jar or something to do their business.

Of course, we're talking about your character; the one doing all the work. Do you think a Blood Elf Mage doesn't have to pee after drinking all that conjured water? Shame on you! This isn't The Sims; You can't just put them in a room without a toilet, lock the door, and laugh as they soil themselves!

You monsters.

Join us on this venture into the Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 dungeons for this season, ranked by which dungeon has the best places for your character to go to the bathroom.

Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 2: Get in the pit

Fourth Place: Neltharion's Lair

Your first thought should be on access and ease when refreshing yourself in any of the Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 dungeons. And what better place to dispose of waste than a massive fire pit? Neltharion's Lair comes all the way from the Legion expansion to this season's list of Mythic+ dungeons. It also features multiple avenues of relieving one's self for a variety of races.

For those looking to erase all traces of waste--as to protect one's self from predators tracking your location--the magma pits are your number one stop for number one or number two. However, don't sleep on the massive lake that your dungeon team must jump into before the first boss.

That said, give some fair warning before... uh... warming up the pool.

Need a third option? The sandy area just before the crystal worm boss is basically one giant litter box. Go nuts. Just, please: Remember to scoop. You may be back here later and don't want to regret not doing so.

Vortex Pinnacle: Look out below

Third Place: Vortex Pinnacle

Now, we're not condoning the dumping of waste. We all remember what happened with that Dave Matthews Band tour bus and the last thing we want is a lawsuit. However, if you're looking for a quick in-and-out when it comes to a potty break there's worse places than Vortex Pinnacle, 35,000 feet above land.

Being the only air-based Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 dungeon has its advantages.

Insensitive? Maybe. But look on the bright side: The air elementals found within the Pinnacle don't release any waste so it's not like you're competing for space. Even better is the fact that the wasteland desert of Uldum down below is basically one giant litter box.

Who's going to complain if they get airdropped? A Titan-Forged? Who cares! Their boss Ra-Den is long dead and there's nobody at the top of the chain of command to receive the complaint. Bombs away.

Underneath it all

Second Place: The Underrot

There's few good things about the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Boring story, lame armor sets from raids, way too much walking. It may even go down as the worst WoW expansion of all time. However, the dungeons were on-point and that includes The Underrot out in Nazmir. Not only does its dark, ominous setting tell a great tale but it's almost the ideal bathroom break.

After all, Underrot already looks dead and forgotten. Who's going to complain if you duck behind a pile of bones to do your business? The dark and foreboding blood monsters lurking around the corner? What do they care, they're already dead.

However, the thing that stops Underrot from taking first place in this list of Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 dungeons is important. While the entire joint already stinks and looks dead you also don't want to introduce any organic matter into the environment. After all, things not alive or no longer alive have a tendency to come to life in this place.

The Gnolls don't judge

First Place: Brackenhide Hollow

Disease, death, waste, and corruption. These are the hallmarks of one of the more frustrating new dungeons in Dragonflight, Brackenhide Hollow. More to the point, the savage race of Gnolls are disgusting dog-men covered in poison and filthy, ready to corrupt the Azure Span with their sludge magic.

In other words, it's perfect for going to the restroom. What more do you want? You can literally go anywhere in this dungeon. As an added bonus, not only would the Gnolls not give a second look to a Tauren with a shy bladder behind a rotted-out tree but, more so than any race they'd probably understand best.

<em>Hogger: Misunderstood soul?</em>
Hogger: Misunderstood soul?

Maybe Hogger wasn't such a bad guy after all. Perhaps he was just stranded in Elwynn Forest and didn't have a good place to go tinkle. Poor fella. Suddenly I relate all too much to one of WoW's most legendary enemies.

And now, so should you. Keep all of this in mind when the Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 dungeons go live sometime later in Spring with patch 10.1.

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