Looking to score on Valentine’s Day? let the next Dragonflight holiday fill the void in your life with the Big Love Rocket mount.

Love is in the air, and we don't just mean that Valentine's Day is in two weeks. The World of Warcraft analog to everyone's favorite pink-tinged holiday, the Love is in the Air holiday event offers big, impressive rewards. Like the Big Love Rocket in Dragonflight.

Called the X-45 Heartbreaker, the euphemistically titled Big Love Rocket mount is yet another rare mount with a notoriously low drop-rate of one to two percent. Or, that was until this weekend when Blizzard announced that the Dragonflight iteration of the holiday will feature "drastically increased" chances each day at the pink, gaudy mount.

And, really: Haven't you always wanted to ride around on your own gigantic, pink rocket?

Get your Big Love Rocket

<em>This is an official Blizzard image. Blame them.</em>
This is an official Blizzard image. Blame them.

Beginning on Feb. 6 at 10 a.m. PST, Love in the Air comes with a limited-time event boss. Go pummel Apothecary Hummel in Shadowfang Keep each day, on each character, to get your Heart-Shaped Box item. Containing all sorts of Valentine's Day goodies, you'll also have a chance at the Big Love Rocket in Dragonflight. The expansion is already filled to burst with plenty of things to do, so don't forget to grind out that box and score your own metal phallic symbol.

The small drop rate of the mount in past events is miniscule even in comparison to other rare mounts. Just as an example, I don't think I know anyone personally who has the mount as part of their collection. However, this vague and "drastic" increase should mean we'll all see people riding the rocket around Valdrakken sooner than later.

Other potential items include a variety of toys, transmogs, pets, and maybe even a few pieces of epic armor. No word yet on if there will be a Dragonflight-style spin on Love is in the Air, but the increased chance at the Big Love Rocket will be more than enough to get the hearts of players everywhere pounding in a furious manner.

Keep an eye out for the start of the event beginning on Tuesday and for two weeks after that. Just try and contain your excitement until then, if that's even possible.

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