The newest WoW raid boss Raszageth is getting some holiday cheer in the form of a santa hat, which is great because maybe it’ll distract us all from her tiny, tiny arms.

You'll forgive me for not having more pressing news as we sit days from Christmas and a massive snowstorm that looks to pummel most of the United States, but we have to talk about the new WoW Dragonflight big, bad raid boss Raszageth. The massive storm proto-dragon is a great, new villain that avoids a trope known to curse WoW.

You see, the last few expansions had bosses that were once heroes, or repent upon defeat, or were actually trying to save everyone. But no more! Raszageth wants to kill dragons and chew bubblegum, and she's.... actually unable to put anything to her mouth because of those tiny, tiny arms. It's quite sad. And if we're being honest, every time she appears on the screen I can't stop staring at them arms.

So, leave it to Blizzard as they attempt a bit of holiday cheer while also calling away from her fatal, tiny-armed flaw.

Raid boss Raszageth gets festive up in here

Added in a hotfix earlier tonight, the Vault of the Incarnates raid boss now wears a Winterveil hat while holding a wreath and candy cane. While this has no effect on gameplay, it does mean that players have something else to stare at other than her useless, t-rex arms. As of this writing the Race to World First is hung up on Mythic Raszageth, with one team now on its 200th+ pull. Perhaps the festive decor will help them in their attempt to be the first to finish Mythic Vault.

Yeah, that looks really good.

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