All of these WoW pets are on sale in one tempting pack cover image

All of these WoW pets are on sale in one tempting pack

Need a new friend? How about 20 of em? This WoW pets sale pack will net you every battle pet in the store, so let’s take a look at who that includes.

My wife and I have four cats, all of which we've kind of just... picked up along the way. Maybe we have big hearts. Perhaps we're just filling the void of not having children. Or it could be that Pokemon telling us throughout our childhoods to "catch em all" had more of an effect than we realized. Regardless, when World of Warcraft does a promotion like this big WoW pets sale pack it hits the same part of my brain as when I see a cat outside of our house.

"What harm could one more do?" What's next, Blizzard? A pop-up showing the music video for a Sarah McLachlan song?

If you aren't like me and still sit on the fence then let's take a look at the pets in the pack and pick a peck of potential pals to pamper.

The WoW pets sale pack

All 21 premium battle pets are included in this WoW pets sale, which runs through Feb. 27. The price is contextual and will adjust depending on whether or not you already have one of these cuddly buddies. The overall price drop of 67 percent means that you're looking at getting $210 USD worth of content for around 80 bucks.

We've included a gallery of all the pets above, but let's highlight some of our favorites.

A HOTS throwback

The fae dragon battle pet Blinky not only changes colors, but is a reminder of what we've lost. Striking a similarity to the Heroes of the Storm support character Brightwing, may Blinky always make us think of better times. Times when Blizzard still updated HOTS. Sigh.

WoW pets sale: Whomp, there it is

Who doesn't love a yeti? Whomper is not only adorable, but appropriately cold weather-themed for the current season. Personally, it's the gigantic eyes that does it for me. It's too bad--or maybe for the best--that he won't keep those cute looks as he grows into a gigantic murder-monster.


The terror of the Firelands, now in a convenient, fun-size! Everyone needs a Lil' Ragnaros time and again, though this pet does come with a downside. The lil guy falls into the category of battle pets that have unique animations and movement. Meaning he doesn't so much follow you around as teleport to your location once you stop moving. Sad. Maybe this is why Ragnaros keeps getting defeated.

All of these pets--plus a few surprise extras--can be yours with this WoW pets sale pack. Make your move today, lest you pay full-price for all of these special friends.

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