The Lunar New Year is upon us and with it comes a WoW rabbit mount meant to test your wallet’s elasticity. Do you plan on jumping in?

There's certainly been no shortage of new WoW mounts since the launch of Dragonflight, but a new rabbit mount may test your spending resolve.

And by you, I mean me. It's me. Because if I've ever wanted one thing in World of Warcraft it's a water rabbit mount. Then again, I said the same thing upon seeing the hulking Murloc mount made available in the 12-month subscription bundle and have yet to pull the trigger.

However, a new rabbit mount just in time for the Lunar New Year may be enough to sweeten the deal for any WoW player that held off the first time around. Let's take a look.

Hopping down the lane

<em>Credit: WoWhead</em>
Credit: WoWhead

The potential new mount was found in a data-mining trip by WoWhead, which includes a similar Oryctolagus-based battle pet in Wrath Classic. The tentatively titled Hao-Yue, River Foreseer rabbit mount fits a similar aesthetic to other real money mounts. This includes Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune and the Wen Lo tiger mount. The rabbit mount being included in this subscription bundle seems almost guaranteed, given it matches the silhouette from the reveal of the bundle months back.

Credit: Blizzard
Credit: Blizzard

A rabbit mount for a year

Does this change your mind on a year-long commitment to WoW? Given we're weeks away from the next Dragonflight content update it does seem as though Blizzard is looking to keep the game fresh. If ever there was a time to give WoW your money it may be to get a fresh rabbit mount to ring in the Lunar New Year. The entire mount bundle is a pretty sweet deal, even when you take into consideration that the current expansion has made old mounts someone of a moot point.

Just remember to ride that thing around Valdrakken so everyone knows you're a whale.

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