Blizzard wants to get your evil, demonic goat with this Diablo 4/WoW event crossover coming soon.

In a rare move for Blizzard, the worlds of Diablo 4 and WoW will collide with a new event in World of Warcraft. Found on the patch 10.1 PTR this week, the Winds of Sanctuary event will give players a chance to bring a little bit of Diablo flair into Azeroth. However, the biggest and best reward is clearly this evil and adorable goat pet that players can earn during the crossover.

Look, I don't care if petting this thing will damn me to hell for an eternity. I'll just take the risk.

Diablo 4 x WoW

This isn't the first time that Diablo and WoW have come together in a limited-time event. However, the arrival of Diablo 4 into the realm of Azeroth is a call for celebration, especially with the Winds of Sanctuary buff that players will get during its launch. All reputation and experience gains will get a 50 percent increase during the currently-without-a-date crossover.

Thanks to the PTR and Wowhead we do know what the event entails.

In addition to our cute friend Baa'lial, a number of Diablo-themed transmogs and items can be earned during the Winds of Sanctuary event. This includes weapon transmogs, a 36-slot bag, and treasure-goblin attire. No word on if the Cow Level will make an appearance.

A Diablo 4/WoW event crossover feels like a no-brainer. There's always been some overlap between the two franchises and this just serves to further confirm that the two go together like peanut butter and jelly. We'll have more info on the Winds of Sanctuary event when it gets an official announcement.

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