The journey to Champions 2023 will come to a disappointing conclusion for one of Zeta Division or Team Secret in this LCQ Grand Final matchup.

We have a real treat of a match in store for us in the form of Zeta Division vs. Team Secret in the VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final. This is a match that has the potential to be a true battle for the ages. And you can keep up with all of the action as it happens right here with us.

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Zeta Division (Zeta)Team Secret (TS)Zeta 14 - 12 FractureTS 13 - 9 AscentZeta 13 - 7 SplitZeta 13 - 6 LotusN/A
(3 - 1)
Live scores for Zeta Division vs Team Secret VCT Pacific Grand Final

Zeta Division face Team Secret VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final

Team Secret come into this final with a serious point to prove. Although they were defeated by Zeta earlier in the LCQ, their dismantling of Gen.G in the Lower Bracket final was a testament to the strength of the Filipino roster. And one player who will certainly have a chip on his shoulder after that Upper Bracket final defeat is Invy. The Initiator player currently boasts the highest K/D (1.54), at this LCQ and is second overall in terms of his ACS. But if the rest of his teammates can put up numbers like similar to that of Invy in today's match, then Zeta Division are going to be in for a world of hurt.

Zeta Division currently hold the head-to-head advantage over Team Secret this season, having beaten them two out of the three times they have faced each other. Their change to a more aggressive style of play, compared to their usual slow, laborious approach, paid dividends for them. And the reintroduction of Laz's Chamber made for a welcome sight as it allowed him to become a real pain in the neck for Team Secret. Whether we will see him bust out the agent again remains to be seen. But if he can put up the same kind of numbers that he did last time out, alongside the dynamic duelist duo of Dep and Tenn, then Team Secret will likely have their hands full today.

The Japanese side may have missed out on the chance to attend an international event on their home turf, but that failure would surely be made a lot less painful by qualifying for Champions. Especially if they were to take down arguably the best team in this LCQ.

Zeta Division VALORANT Roster:

Zeta Division VALORANT Roster VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final (Photo by Riot Games)
Zeta Division VALORANT Roster VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final (Photo by Riot Games)
  • Ushida "Laz" Koji (IGL)
  • Maruoka "Crow" Tomoaki
  • Yuuma "Dep" Hisamoto
  • Shota "SugarZ3ro" Watanabe
  • Tenta "TENNN" Asai

Team Secret VALORANT Roster:

Team Secret VALORANT Roster VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final (Photo by Riot Games)
Team Secret VALORANT Roster VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final (Photo by Riot Games)
  • Jessie "JessieVash" Cuyco (IGL)
  • Jayvee "DubsteP" Paguirigan
  • Adrian Jiggs "Invy" Reyes
  • Jim "BORKUM" Timbreza
  • Jeremy "Jremy" Cabrera
  • Lim You "lenne" Xiang Lionel

Zeta edge out Fracture in Overtime

We kick off the grand final with a trip to Fracture curtesy of Zeta Division. The Japanese side opt to go for a very aggressive double-duellist configuration of Dep on Neon and TENN on Raze. With Laz bringing Chamber out from the get go. Team Secret go for the tried and true duelist duo of Jet and Raze.

DubsteP gets a 4k to start the series and gift Team Secret with the pistol round. Zeta answer back with a very early eco-round. The Japanese side begin to build up a solid 6 - 2 lead as Laz finds a lot of early success with his Chamber. The Filipino side manage to find some life on their attack side. But Zeta are still able to take a 7 - 5 lead into halftime.

Zeta Division take the second pistol round and barely manage to convert on their anti-eco to extend their lead to 9 - 5. And they are able to break the double-digit mark despite losing their bonus round. Secret pull off four rounds in a row to pull within striking distance of Zeta's lead as their made to pay for their laborious pushes on the attack. Zeta get themselves to map point, but Secret are able to punish their lack of confidence. Which enables them to send Fracture into Overtime.

Zeta Division are able to punish Team Secret for a disjointed push to put themselves back onto map point. They waste little time in taking it to their opponents in their attack round, and they are rewarded for their efforts with a 14 - 12 win on Fracture and a 1 - 0 lead in the series.

DubsteP keeps Team Secret's flawless record on Ascent intact

After Zeta managed to shore things up on Fracture, they head on over to Team Secret's home turf of Ascent for map 2. A map which Team Secret have not lost on all season. And they opt to go for their traditional double-initiator setup. Zeta go for a similar looking team composition, but with Laz and TENN opting for Cypher and Raze respectively.

Team Secret make quick work of their opponents to secure the first pistol round and their anti-eco. Zeta respond well to absorb Secret's attacking threat as they rip off three rounds in a row to jump ahead 3 - 2. The Japanese side looked like they might be pulling away from their opponents. But Team Secret punch their way back in behind Borkum and DubsteP to keep things close. And they are able to tie things up at 6 - 6 as the doubts begin to circle around Zeta's ability to win this map.

Team Secret take the second pistol round, their third of the match, as they take the lead on Ascent 7 - 6. They reach the double-digit mark soon after, despite dropping their bonus round, as Zeta feel the sting of their indecisiveness once again on attack. Zeta get two more rounds on the board thanks to a couple of key clutches from Crow. But they prove to be costly wins at that, as Team Secret manage to put themselves onto map point. And with one final flurry of kills from DubsteP, the Filipino side are able to close out Ascent 13 - 9 and tie the series up at 1 - 1.

Zeta dial it up a notch on Split

After their solid performance on Ascent, Team Secret head on over to Zeta Division's second map pick of Split. And they throw the gauntlet down from the get-go as Jremy busts out a shock Reyna pick to go alongside their double controller setup. Whereas Zeta opt in to their usual double-duelist, double-controller setup.

Zeta pick up the first pistol round and their anti-eco to get things going on their attack half. They just barely manage to convert on their bonus round. But, their mid-round calling pays dividends for them early in this half as they hold a solid 5 - 0 lead. Secret put together a flawless round off of a 3k from Invy to get put themselves on the board. But Zeta remain in full control of proceedings as their lead grows to 8 - 1. The Filipino side are able to get a second round on the board, but that is all they are able to come up with on their defence as Zeta take 10 - 2 lead into the halftime switch.

Dep's stats from Split (Screengrab taken from VCT Pacific Twitch)
Dep's stats from Split (Screengrab taken from VCT Pacific Twitch)

Team Secret come out on top of the second pistol round as they start down the comeback trail on their attack half. They convert on their anti-eco but fall to a 3k from Laz on the bonus round. Borkum responds with a 3k of his own to keep Zeta Division within their sights. They manage to carve out a streak of rounds going, but Crow and TENN come up with the goods just when it looked like their team was starting to slip. And with one last flurry of kills, Zeta Division manage to close out Split 13 - 7 to retake the lead in this series at 2 - 1.

Zeta Division rise to claim their ticket to Champions on Lotus

We head over to Lotus for the fourth map in this series as Zeta Division find themselves within touching distance of that ticket to Champions. Dep and Laz break out Neon and Chamber once more as they continue to utilize their aggressive double-duellist composition. Whereas Team Secret decide put all of their stock into their double-initiator composition.

Zeta Division manage to take the opening pistol round and as well as their anti-eco to get things going on their attack side. Laz comes up with a 3k, his second of the half, to gift Zeta the bonus round and extend their lead to 3 - 0. Team Secret are able to rip off three rounds in a row as Zeta are punished once again for their timid build up play on attack. Yet they still manage to find value with their mid-round calling as they are able to push their round lead back up to three. But Secret manage to put themselves within striking distance of the lead once more as Invy begins to heat up for his side. Nevertheless it is Zeta Division who holds a 7 - 5 lead to take with them into the second half.

Zeta Division stand firm to take the second pistol round and their anti-eco. And they quickly reach double-digits off of an incredible 4k from TENN. Team Secret get their sixth round on the board but their economy, and their Champions hopes, lie in a dire state. Zeta reach match point, with plenty of rounds to spare, as Team Secret's task became that much greater for them. A task that was simply too much for them. Leaving Zeta Division to put them away on Lotus 13 - 6 and close out the series 3 - 1 to claim their spot at Champions 2023.

How to watch Zeta Division vs. Team Secret VCT Pacific LCQ Grand Final

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