Andy Ho is no stranger to VALORANT or Riot Games.

VALORANT developers recently shared a massive update, laying out what fans can expect from the franchise for the foreseeable future, including an introduction of the game's new Executive Producer, Andy Ho.

Here's a bit more about who will be leading the game's dev team into the future.

The game's latest Scottish Controller agent, Clove (Image via Riot Games)
The game's latest Scottish Controller agent, Clove (Image via Riot Games)

Andy Ho named new Executive Producer on VALORANT

In a developer update shared on May 21, it was announced that Andy Ho would become the new Executive Producer for VALORANT. Andy Ho is the game's previous Senior Director of Game Direction, a role he had occupied since April 2021, according to his LinkedIn.

You can see the introduction of Andy in the introduction of the developer update video below.

Before that, Andy worked on Product at Riot Games from 2017-2021 and from 2009-2016. In the year between those two stints at Riot, he spent one year at Phoenix Labs also working on Product Insights.

All of this to say, Andy Ho is no stranger to the industry and comes into the Executive Producer role with plenty of valuable experience. Andy has also been a Trader with IMC Financial and a Research Assistant at Washington University in St. Louis.

The game's previous Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, will still be on the team at VALORANT leading at the Studio level. She will take more of a focus on the player experience and ecosystem, while Andy will work more with developers, according to the developer update.

The two will work together as VALORANT continues to grow into the future.

This was just a small taste of what all is coming in the future of VALORANT. There will be a massive set of patch notes that will come out in early June targeting Duelists, replays will be coming to VALORANT, and an all-new map rotation is right around the corner.

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