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Who is Agent 8 in Valorant?

There have been references to Valorant Agent 8 multiple times. Here’s what we know of the missing Agent.

Valorant’s agent list is diverse and inclusive making it easy for players to relate to the virtual characters. Each agent has a number, which coincided with their release order for some time. But Agent 8 is missing, and this mystery has only served to draw more fans into speculations about the agent’s story. 

Every time we see the release of a new agent, the community often asks “Where is Agent 8?” The Valorant lore has hinted at Agent 8 quite often and we have seen hints of the agent’s presence in Valorant. But to date, there’s been no agent with Agent number 8. 

Is there an Agent 8?

Yes, there is an Agent 8. Not only have the devs confirmed on social media but there have been hints in official Valorant trailers as well. 

The now-deleted comment on the /r/valorantcompetitive subreddit hinted at a possible return for Agent 8. However, there have been no other comments by the Riot devs regarding the ‘return’ of Agent 8.

In Episode 4 cinematic on Jan. 10, 2022, Valorant fans can catch a glimpse of Agent 8’s locker. In the video, you can see Phoenix walking up to the lockers and opening his locker, locker No. 9. The locker before him should ideally be numbered No. 8. However, this locker does not have a number plate visible and it seems the number has been scratched out.

Agent 8’s departure from Valorant seems to be much more than just a simple vacation. With references to Agent 8, a hint at a possible return later, and the scratching off of the name from the locker - all of this indicates at a serious development in the lore that led to Agent 8’s departure.

Without further information from Riot Games, it is difficult to put together the storyline that led to Agent 8’s departure. However, the now-deleted Reddit comment gives us hope that Agent 8 will return in the future.

So when will Valorant Agent 8 return? There's no fixed date just yet but one can be hopeful for a return in the future. Agent 8's return to Valorant will definitely bring together massive swathes of the Valorant lore together.