Vikings’ coach bzka spoke with Brazil after the match against Gambit Esports, opening up about how far the region needs to go to close to the gap.

The game between Team Vikings and Gambit Esports was one of Valorant Champions 2021 most amusing matches. Even with the defeat, the Brazilians managed to play toe-to-toe with one of the strongest teams in the event. After the match, Brazil spoke exclusively with Team Vikings’ coach, bzka.

In a chat about his expectations, the coach talked about the relationship with the fans and much more. Check it out below:

Team Vikings bzka
bzka, Team Vikings’ coach – Photo: VALORANT Esports Brazil: Unfortunately, we’re not talking after a victory. Before starting the Champions, several analysts from other nations were saying that Team Vikings was the worst team in the tournament. However, we are seeing the opposite, the team is very solid, with well made strategies and managing to play with excellence. How do you see these reviews and how was it, for you, to break these expectations?

Team Vikings’ bzka: I understand those who say that Vikings weren’t that strong before the tournament started. VKS didn’t have a good VCT before Berlin (VCT Masters Reykjavík) and we sort of qualified because we went to Iceland. So it makes sense, but at the same time, we knew we had much more potential, we knew our firepower.

We’re proving our value here. This defeat for Gambit is really hard. If we had lost with a landslide, I believe it wouldn’t have hurt as much as it did now. Because we got that taste that we could do it, we reached 12-6, then we took a break, we talked, but those guys were playing really well. But, at least, we’ve proven that we can do it, that we have guts and it won’t be this defeat that will bring us down. Brazil: Now, about the Brazilian community, the fans. We always see other teams, players, fans, interacting a lot with whoever is playing. Whether it’s giving congratulations or even cheering up after a defeat. How is this affection felt by you, out there playing the matches?

Team Vikings’ bzka: It’s always good to feel this crowd. We like that a lot. I think the fans’ affection, especially after a defeat, ends up helping the players. We need a mental reset for the next match. As I said before, if it were a landslide, we wouldn’t have felt so much, but the Brazilian fans are always helping.

Esports GG Brazil: Recently, the discussion about Brazil’s ranked matches was brought up again. We know that, in other regions, the level is usually higher, in addition to having other people or tactics being tested. Do you believe that having done a bootcamp and playing matches in a different region aided you to grow?

Team Vikings’ bzka: I don’t think so, honestly. The ranked queues here are much better, that’s a fact. It’s very good for us to be playing these matches, in the individual aspect. However, what aided us was the way in which we worked as a team. I think that what made us evolve was our teamwork, our collective work and not this individual work.

Team Gambit x Team Vikings, with the captains in the middle. Photo: VALORANT Esports Brazil: So, to finish our interview, I would like to hear from you about the future of Valorant in Brazil. We are seeing teams surpassing stronger teams, which were considered the best in the world, as it was with you in the game against Gambit, and FURIA against Sentinels. So, I would like to know your expectations for Valorant’s competitive future.

Team Vikings’ bzka: Brazil has always been and will always be the cradle of the FPS. I think that the highlight we had in Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike, Crossfire, Point Blank and others games is proof that we’re good at FPS. But Valorant is a game that came with an idea a little different from the classic FPS’s we’re used to.

Valorant requires a lot of skill, a lot of resources and these are some experiences that we haven’t had in Brazil. So, we are having to adapt. The teams from Europe or USA, which migrated to Valorant, ended up coming from CS’ Tier 1, meaning they were experienced players, who already had a very solid FPS foundation.

While, in Brazil, players ended up migrating from other games and only Tier 2 players. As much as we’re the cradle of FPS, we are having to overcome this difference more and more. This Champions event is the most important tournament of the year and we are proving that this gap is getting smaller.

We just went toe-to-toe with the champion of VCT Masters Berlin, we had FURIA going the same way with the champion of VCT Reykjavík. So, I think we are on the right track and that, in the future, Brazil can indeed dominate the worldwide Valorant scene.

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Translated by: Giuseppe Carrino

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