The player many have called the best in Brazil is finally getting his shot internationally.

Vivo Keyd have made some major reinforcements heading towards VCT Champions 2021. Leonardo "mwzera" Serrati, long considered the best player in the region, has joined the VK on loan for the event and will be making his debut internationally.

mwzera's VALORANT career

mwzera has been a member of Gamelanders almost since VALORANT came out. If G2 was Europe's best team in 2020, and Vision Strikers were Asia's best, Gamelanders were the same in Brazil. Led by mwzera on duelists, they ran over teams with an incredibly aggressive style that seemed impossible to counter.

2021 has not been as kind to Gamelanders. They struggled early, falling first behind Team Vikings and later falling even further. Several roster changes couldn't get them to where they once were, and they didn't qualify for a single international event all year. But mwzera's statistics remained as nasty as ever - he was still the main force behind this roster. As controversy surrounded Vivo Keyd for Sova Lucas "ntk" Martins' police record, fans began calling for a replacement. VK have now found that in one of the deadliest players their region has ever produced.

What can we expect from Vivo Keyd at Champions?

Vivo Keyd take their seats at Masters Berlin. (RIOT GAMES/Colin Young-Wolff)
Vivo Keyd take their seats at Masters Berlin. (RIOT GAMES/Colin Young-Wolff)

The main issue is one of roles. Vivo Keyd already have a star Jett, Olavo "heat" Marcelo, and rumours suggest mwzera will be stepping straight into the Sova role. It will require a lot more tactical nuance than the pure aggression Gamelanders always showed, and it will be a very different environment for mwzera.

Despite this, though, it's clear mwzera brings huge firepower. If Vivo Keyd can harness the potential of this team, we'll hopefully see them perform better than they did at Masters Berlin.

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