Vivo KeyD are looking to make a deeper run at VCT Champions as coach Koy talks about how he will help the team get there.

Expectations were set on Envy to have an easy time getting out of Group B, but when Vivo Keyd challenged them in the first round, many were expecting the Brazilian team to join them. After destroying their opponents Zeta Division in the elimination series 2-0, they were favorites to make the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, their run at VCT Masters Berlin was cut short by LATAM’s KRU Esports and they were sent home in 9th place. 

However, due to Havan Liberty’s early exit, Vivo KeyD’s points collected at Berlin were enough to guarantee their spot at VCT Champions. Now, with time to prepare and analyze their weaknesses, Vivo KeyD are looking to make a deeper run in December.

In this interview,’s Sage Datuin speaks to Vivo KeyD coach Pedro “Koy” Pulig to talk about his long-time friendship with JhoW, making the transition to coaching and how Vivo KeyD is going to prepare for VCT Champions.

Vivo KeyD was the number one seed from Brazil leading into VCT Masters Berlin.

Thank you for joining me I imagine this love loss was tough for the players I feel like this is probably the first big loss for the team since June What did you tell them after that loss against crew

Vivo KeyD Koy: I actually used to be a pro player before I got into coaching. Throughout this period, I experienced many losses and was able to relay the experiences I had onto my players after our defeat to KRU. I told them, for every 10 losses, you get a victory and that victory is always worth it. You can expect much better from Vivo Keyd in the future.

Let’s talk about your journey from a pro player in Point Blank to coaching in VALORANT. What does that journey look like?

Vivo KeyD Koy:  Back in the day, I started small with a team looking to evolve the Brazilian region. At the time, Brazil as a region did not win anything for five years in Point Blank. Together with JhoW, we were a part of a team together in Point Blank that was able to eventually win that championship. As a player, one of my favorite parts of a team was having the ability to communicate with my teammates. Being able to communicate is something I really enjoy doing in esports on top of analyzing tactics of the game. Communication and working with people is the stem of where I find enjoyment in a career path, so transitioning into a coaching role in VALORANT was a natural evolution.

How do you and JhoW work together on this team to develop strategies and lead this team then?

Vivo KeyD Koy: JhoW is an amazing person. He actually is the reason I am on Vivo Keyd as a coach and I am incredibly thankful for that. JhoW is the rock of the team and the person who keeps everyone together. He really does his best to show support for his team and provides a lot backstage to keep everybody calm before a match. His role as a leader to make sure we are all getting along even after a bad game is commendable. He is always able to help facilitate these big discussions and make everyone more chill.

JhoW is responsible for the creation of Vivo KeyD’s VALORANT lineup. Now, he stands a good chance of qualifying for VCT Champions. Image via Riot Flickr.

Talk to me about VCT Masters Berlin and some of the takeaways you have from that event?

Vivo KeyD Koy: We learned a lot as a team playing against other European teams. For us, the biggest takeaway is gaining a better grasp of the tactical side of VALORANT. We realized that we have a lot to work on in terms of being able to react to these plays and how we handle them. Once we are able to recognize this better, we can keep our cool easier which will help us in the future.

Luckily, you guys are already qualified for VCT Champions, what is your plan to prepare for VCT Champions?

Vivo KeyD Koy: First things first, we will all go back to our families in Brazil. Here, we will get some rest to take care of our mental state which is very important to us. Once that is finished, we will have a bootcamp to prepare for VCT Champions. We are going to come back even stronger and that is something you can count on.

Do you have any final words for Vivo KeyD fans?

Vivo KeyD Koy: Brazil is very well known for creating talented FPS players. They just need some time to get their feet on the ground. Once they have that cemented, this team is going to truly be amazing and make Brazil proud. Vivo KeyD will be an international champion and represent Brazil in the future. Thank you for your continued support and we will not let you down at Champions.

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