It was Korean teams on home turf as T1 faced off against Gen G

Two titans of Korea faced off on home turf as T1 went up against Gen G to claim the series and bragging rights.

Team 1
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Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
T1 Gen GAscent (5-13)Haven (5-13)Lotus(0-2)
The T1 vs Gen G match score

T1 vs Gen G

For T1 the start to the VCT Pacific had been going well, with the home-town crowd's support they had secured a strong scoreline of 2-1. But going up against their fellow Korean team had more than just friendly rivalry, it was also about climbing up the scoreboard. T1 found themselves in joint third alongside Japanese team Zeta Division at the start of the day, with Gen G ahead of them in second. For T1 fans, their attention was on Byeon 'munchkin' Sang-beom to secure the win here and bring themselves even to Gen G.

On the other side of the stage, for Gen G, VCT Pacific was going incredibly well. Having secured themselves a 3-0 scoreline and placed them in second only one win behind another Korean powerhouse in DRX. For Gen G a win here was necessary to catch up to DRX and also secure bragging rights over T1 as the better Korean team on home turf. Making this an expected Gen G win and also bringing the two teams head to head in VALORANT.

Map 1 - Ascent

T1 kicked off the map with ease to secure the pistol for themselves despite losing munchkin early on. Gen G weren't going to let T1 get ahead, as they broke through the economy by securing the second round. Making good use of T1's overeagerness to push onto site. As Gen G started to push ahead, munchkin put the team on his back and secured three kills for T1 to stop Gen G creating too big of a lead. With the gap widening despite T1's best efforts, they called a timeout but it did nothing to ease the pressure Gen G were applying. Gen G powered ahead for a full buy and finish the half with a 9-3 half for Gen G.

Gen G power ahead of T1 in the first half of map 1 - image via VCT Pacific 2023
Gen G power ahead of T1 in the first half of map 1 - image via VCT Pacific 2023

As the second half kicked off T1 secured themselves the pistol and the followup round to build back part of the round gap. But this clearly wasn't what GodDead was happy to see, instead he hit back to secure multiple kills and rounds for Gen G. For T1 they were clinging onto the rounds as Gen G powered to match point.

Map 2 - Haven

Before the match T1 subbed in Intro and out Ban. Gen G also had a substitute of Sylvan in for eKo.

Having dominated T1 on their map pick, Gen G came into the second map (their map choice) ready to close out the series. Gen G secured the pistol round, the first pistol that T1 had dropped all series. But it didn't stop there, Gen G took four guns from T1 and secured round two, three and four as well. Round 5 saw T1 finally get onto the board which was a huge relief for T1 fans. Munchkin once again put T1 on his back to keep it close with Gen G. T1 began to hit back to close Gen G's lead but just as it was looking do-able, Gen G pulled ahead once more. Gen G finished the half still ahead of T1 with a two round lead. But as Gen G was looking to close out the series, they needed to increase the lead in the second half.

Gen G pull ahead of T1 once more on Gen G's map pick. Screen grab from the T1 vs Gen G match via VCT Pacific
Gen G pull ahead of T1 once more on Gen G's map pick. Screen grab from the T1 vs Gen G match via VCT Pacific

Planning to close out the series, Gen G dominated the pistol round forcing their lead to increase. Gen G continued in their domination over T1 to create a five round lead. Despite munchkin's best efforts, Gen G pushed T1 back and cleaned them up off the map. Gen G continue to push ahead, cleaning T1 up time and time again until they close out the series. GGWP.

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