The first Masters event of 2023 will see an additional two teams as well. Two teams from China will join the event.

Tokyo will feature a twelve-team double-elimination bracket. It will include the best-partnered teams but also teams from China Riot has unveiled today

Earlier this month, Riot unveiled two teams from China that will also participate in the VCT LOCK//IN tournament currently underway in Brazil. EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix form the final two teams to receive invites to Sao Paulo.

What is the VCT Masters Tokyo format?

The VCT Masters Tokyo will feature a double-elimination format. The 12-team double-elimination format is a significant step up from the VCT LOCK//IN whose single-elimination came under heavy criticism from players and analysts alike.

With a double-elimination format, teams are guaranteed a minimum of two matches, which hopefully, should be more than enough for them to prove themselves. 

The tournament will feature teams from all over the world. Initially announced as a 10-person VALORANT tournament, Riot recently revealed the event will have an additional two teams - both from China.

The VCT Masters Tokyo format ensures teams have an opportunity to prove their initial loss is not a one-off. The distribution of slots for the Tokyo event is as follows:

  • VCT LOCK//IN winner
  • 1st place in the NA League
  • 2nd place in the NA League
  • 3rd place in the NA League
  • 1st place in the EMEA League
  • 2nd place in the EMEA League
  • 3rd place in the EMEA League
  • 1st place in the Pacific League
  • 2nd place in the Pacific League
  • 3rd place in the Pacific League

The region that wins the VCT LOCK//IN tournament will essentially grant their region an additional slot. For Chinese teams, this Masters event will be an opportunity to test themselves against international teams.

Riot has still not confirmed whether Chinese teams will have a separate league, although that does seem to be a long-term vision for the publisher.

Stay tuned to for the latest VALORANT news and updates. You can also follow the VCT LOCK//IN results here. The tournament started off with 32 teams with a single-elimination format.