Check out the latest updated VCT LCQ results from all six regions in Valorant.

The VCT LCQ is the final opportunity for Valorant teams to make it to VCT 2022 Champs. Every region sends one team to VCT Champs from the Last Chance Qualifiers. It is the final chance for many of the teams that failed to already qualify to secure their slot. Here’s a quick rundown of the VCT LCQ along with the live scores- updated everyday.

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VCT NA LCQ Results – 100 Thieves

The VCT NA LCQ is packed with some of the most popular teams in the Valorant esports scene. Although these teams are extremely capable, the high level of competition at the top of the scene means these teams were unable to qualify for Champs via the Masters. We have The Guard, FaZe Clan, NRG, Shopify Rebellion, Cloud9, 100Thieves, Evil Geniuses and Sentinels in competition.

The NA LCQ features a double-elimination format where all matches (except the final two matches) are best-of-three series. The Lower bracket Final and Grand Finals are best-of-five matches.

  • Where to Watch NA LCQ? – Twitch

Upper Bracket Quarter-Finals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinnerArticle
Aug 52210 The GuardSentinels2-1The GuardLink
Aug 50220FaZe ClanEvil Geniuses2-1FaZe ClanLink
Aug 62200Shopify RebellionCloud90-2Cloud9Link
Aug 60220NRG100 Thieves1-2100 ThievesLink

Upper Bracket Semifinals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 62200 The GuardCloud92-0The Guard
Aug 72200 100 ThievesFaZe Clan1-2FaZe Clan

Lower Round 1

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 70100 SentinelsShopify Rebellion2-0Sentinels
Aug 80100 NRGEvil Geniuses2-0NRG

Lower Quarterfinals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 122200 100 ThievesSentinels2-1100 Thieves
Aug 130100 Cloud9NRG2-0Cloud9

Top Four Teams

StageDateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
LB SemifinalsAug 130100100 ThievesCloud92-0100 Thieves
UB FinalsAug 122200 The GuardFaZe Clan2-0The Guard
LB FinalsAug 132200 FaZe Clan100 Thieves0-3100 Thieves
Grand FinalsAug 132200 The Guard100 Thieves0-3100 Thieves

VCT EMEA LCQ Results – Team Liquid

The EMEA region is one of the most competitive regions in Valorant esports. Although the teams have mostly not been able to push their best teams to Masters, the LCQ is going to feature some really exciting series and strategies. The eight teams include G2 esports, Guild esports, Team Liquid, M3 Champions, Acend, BBL esports, Navi and OG LDN UTD.

Much like the other regions, the VCT EMEA format also features a double elimination format with only the Grand Finals being a best-of-five series.

  • Where to Watch EMEA LCQ? – Twitch

Upper Quarterfinals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 71600G2 EsportsOG LDN UTD0-2OG LDN UTD
Aug 71900M3 ChampionsAcend2-1M3 Champions
Aug 81600Team LiquidBBL esports2-0Team Liquid
Aug 81900Guild EsportsNatus Vincere

Upper Bracket Semi-Finals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 81600OG LDN UTDM3 Champions1-2M3 Champions
Aug 81900Team LiquidNatus Vincere2-0Team Liquid

Lower Bracket Round 1

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 81600G2 EsportsAcend2-1G2 Esports
Aug 81900BBL esportsGuild Esports0-2Guild Esports

Lower Bracket Quarter Finals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 81600G2 EsportsNatus Vincere0-2Natus Vincere
Aug 81900OG LDN UTDGuild Esports2-0OG LDN UTD

Top Four VCT EMEA teams

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
LB SemifinalsAug 131700G2 EsportsOG LDN UTD2-0G2 Esports
UB FinalAug 131400M3 ChampionsTeam Liquid2-1M3 Champions
LB FinalsAug 132000Team LiquidG2 Esports2-1Team Liquid
Grand FinalsAug 141600M3 ChampionsTeam Liquid1-3Team Liquid

VCT East Asia LCQ Results

East Asia features teams from Korea, Japan and the FGC Circuit. While DRX has always dominated the Korean Challengers and has been the sole representative for Korea in Masters, Japan has pushed forth a few teams to Masters. We saw Zeta Division put up a splendid performance and more recently at Copenhagen, we had Northemption trying to bring glory to Japanese esports.

The VCT LCQ East Asia teams are as follows:

  • Maru Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming
  • On Sla2ers
  • Northemption
  • Crazy Raccooon
  • EDward Gaming
  • KONE
  • Where to Watch EMEA LCQ? – Twitch

Upper Quarterfinals

DateTeam 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 8EDward GamingOn Sla2ers2-0EDward Gaming
Aug 8Maru GamingREJECT0-2REJECT
Aug 9Crazy RaccoonDAMWON Gaming2-0Crazy Raccoon
Aug 9NortheptionKONE2-0Northeption

Upper Bracket Semfinals

DateTeam 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 11EDward GamingREJECT2-0EDward Gaming
Aug 11Crazy RaccoonNortheption1-2Northeption

Lower Round 1

DateTeam 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 10On Sla2ersMaru Gaming2-0On Sla2ers

Lower Bracket Quarter Finals

DateTeam 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 12Crazy RaccoonOn Sla2ers0-2On Sla2ers

Top Four teams

StageDateTeam 1Team 2ScoreWinner
LB SemifinalsAug 13On Sla2ersKONE2-1On Sla2ers
UB FinalsAug 12EDward GamingNortheption2-0EDward Gaming
LB FinalsAug 13NortheptionOn Sla2ers1-2On Sla2ers
Grand FinalsAug 14EDward GamingOn Sla2ers3-0EDward Gaming

VCT APAC LCQ Results – Winner: BOOM Esports

The APAC region features teams from multiple countries, each mini-region bringing its own flavor to the game. There are ten teams including Bleed eSports, ONIC esports, BOOM esports, MiTH, Team Secret, Fancy United Esports, Griffin E-Sports, CERBERUS Esports, Alter Ego and ORDER. Only one team qualifies to Champions.

It features a double-elimination bracket with the Grand Final being a best-of-five series.

  • Where to Watch EMEA LCQ? – Twitch

Upper Round 1

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 71900ORDERFancy United Esports2-0ORDER
Aug 72100Alter EgoCERBERUS Esports2-0Alter Ego

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 1 1100Griffin E-SportsBOOM Esports1-2BOOM Esports
Aug 20945ONIC EsportsORDER2-0ONIC Esports
Aug 21140Bleed eSportsAlter Ego2-0Bleed eSports
Aug 20700Made in ThailandTeam Secret1-2Team Secret

Upper Bracket Semifinals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 31315BOOM EsportsONIC Esports2-0BOOM Esports
Aug 40700Bleed eSportsTeam Secret2-0Bleed eSports

Lower Round 1

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 30700Griffin E-SportsCERBERUS Esports1-2CERBERUS Esports
Aug 31000Fancy United EsportsMade in Thailand1-2Made in Thailand

Lower Round 2

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 41020Alter EgoMade in Thailand1-2Made in Thailand

Lower Round Quarterfinals

DateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
Aug 50700Team SecretORDER2-1Team Secret
Aug 50950ONIC EsportsMade in Thailand2-0ONIC Esports

Top Four Teams

StageDateTime (CEST)Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
LB SemifinalsAug 60700Team SecretONIC Esports1-2ONIC Esports
UB FinalsAug 51205BOOM EsportsBleed eSports2-1BOOM Esports
LB FinalsAug 61000Bleed eSportsONIC Esports1-2ONIC Esports
Grand FinalsAug 70900BOOM EsportsONIC Esports3-1BOOM Esports

VCT South America LCQ Results

FURIA and TBK qualify

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
NiP9z1-2 9z
FUSION FURIA esports0-2 FURIA esports
Kru Esports TBK 2-1 Kru Esports
Keyd StarsE-Xolos LAZER 2-0 Keyd Stars

Lower Round 1

Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner

Upper Bracket semifinals

Team 1Team 2ScoreWinner
9z FURIA esports 0-2 FURIA esports
Kru Esports Keyd Stars 2-9 Kru Esports

Top Four Teams

StageTeam 1Team 2ScoreWinner
LB Semifinals Keyd Stars TBK 1-2 TBK
UB Finals FURIA esports Kru Esports 0-3 Kru Esports
LB Finals FURIA esports TBK 3-0 FURIA esports

Where to Watch EMEA LCQ? – Twitch

Hope this VCT LCQ Live Score hub helps you stay updated with the latest results.

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