Most teams wear a new look after the recent roster changes. This will be their first true test.

The VCT Kickoff Pacific resumes early in 2024 and features the best team from the Asia-Pacific region in action. With a direct qualification for Masters Madrid, teams will be trying their utmost best to bring forth a strong performance. Here’s everything you need to know about VCT Kickoff Pacific including participating teams, format, and where to watch.

VCT Pacific Live Score

Group Stage

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
T1BleedBreeze (18-16)Lotus (13-6)Split2-0
ZETAGlobal EsportsBind (13-10)Icebox (13-7)Sunset2-0
BleedGlobal EsportsSunset (9-13)Icebox (13-10)Split (11-13)1-2
T1ZETAAscent (11-13)Lotus (13-4)Sunset (13-7)2-1
ZETAGlobal EsportsBind (13-8)Lotus (5-0)Sunset2-0
Group A Live score
Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
DRXDFMLotus (13-8)Breeze (13-8)Bind2-0
SecretTalonBreeze (8-13)Ascent (8-13)Sunset0-2
DFMSecretLotus (7-13)Breeze (11-13)Ascent0-2
DRXTalonSplit (13-10)Ascent (13-8)Breeze2-0
TalonTeam SecretBreeze (8-13) Ascent (7-13)Lotus0-2
Group C Live score
Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
GenGRRQIcebox (13-11)Split (11-13)Sunset (13-8)2-1
PRXGenGBreeze (10-13)Lotus (13-10)Sunset (13-7)2-1
GenGRRQLotus (13-7)Breeze (10-13)Icebox (13-11)2-1
Group B Live score

Participating Teams

DetonatioN FocusMe

  • Seo "Suggest" Jae-young
  • Yusuke "neth" Matsuda
  • Ibuki "Meiy" Seki
  • Souta "popogachi" Morita
  • Cho "JoXJo" Byung-yeon


  • Kim "stax" Gu-taek
  • Byung-chul "BuZz" Y
  • Kim "MaKo" Myeong-kwa
  • Jung "Foxy9" Jae-sung
  • Cho "Flashback" Min-hyu


  • Kim "Meteor" Tae-O
  • Kim "t3xture" Na-ra
  • Kim "Lakia" Jong-min
  • Byeon "Munchkin" Sang-beom
  • Kim "Karon" Won-tae

Global esports

  • Abhirup "Lightningfast" Choudhury
  • Russel "Russ" Mendes
  • Gary "blaZek1ng" Dasti
  • Niko "polvi" Polvinen
  • Benedict "Benkai" Tan

Paper Rex

  • Aaron "mindfreak" Leonhart 
  • Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto
  • Khalish "d4v41" Rusyaidee
  • Ilya "something" Petrov
  • Cahya "Monyet" Nugraha

Rex Regum Qeon

  • David "xffero" Monangin
  • Saibani "fl1pzjder" Rahmad
  • Hagai "Lmemore" Tewuh
  • Park "Estrella" Gun
  • Maksim "Jemkin" Batorov


  • Ha "Sayaplayer" Jung-woo
  • Lee "Carpe" Jae-hyeok
  • Kevin "xccurate" Susanto
  • Ham "iZu" Woo-joo
  • Daniel "Rossy" Abedrabbo

Talon esports

  • Thanamethk "Crws" Mahatthananuyut
  • Jittana "JitboyS" Nokngam
  • Seungmin Oh "ban" Joseph
  • Peter "Governor" No
  • Lionel "lenne" Lim

Team Secret

  • Jim "BORKUM" Timbreza
  • Jessie Cristy "JessieVash" Cuyco
  • Jeremy "Jremy" Cabrera
  • Adrian "invy" Reyes
  • Noel "NDG" De Guia

Zeta Division

  • Koji "Laz" Ushida
  • Yuma "Dep" Hashimoto
  • Shota "SugarZ3ro" Watanabe
  • Hiroki "hiroronn" Yanai
  • Yushin "Yuran" Hato

Bleed esports

  • Derrick "Deryeon" Yee
  • Ngô "crazyguy" Công An
  • Nutchaphon "sScary" Matarat
  • Javier "Egoist" Chua
  • Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker

Where can I watch VCT Kickoff Pacific matches?

All matches will stream live on Twitch on the official VALORANT channel. We have also embedded the stream below for your convenience. 

The best teams from the Pacific region will participate in the VCT Kickoff Pacific event. The eleven teams kick off the matches on February 17. 

While you wait for the matches to start, you can catch up with several docuseries that have been released in the past few weeks.

Stay tuned to for the latest VALORANT news and updates.