Team Secret are heading to the playoffs as one of the eight final teams after an emphatic victory against Brazilians Team Vikings. We take a look at what went down.

VCT Champions returned this evening with Team Secret and Vikings both looking to secure a spot in the playoffs. In what already has been an entertaining day of Valorant, here is what went down in this best-of-three.

Map one: Team Secret struts their stuff on Haven

Team Secret selected Haven in the Veto stage, and with it being one of their best maps, it’s easy to see why. Secret came out of the gates swinging, securing not only the first two rounds but also Viking’s bonus round. While Vikings were able to secure a couple of rounds, Team Secret went on a decent run that saw them end the half 9-3.

This is a big statement out of Team Secret in the first half of this best-of-three. They selected Haven and they needed to showcase to the rest of the teams they are to be taken seriously on Haven.

Although Vikings were able to string together a couple of rounds in the second half, the damage was already done. Team Secret will now be looking to close out the series on Icebox. Secret has already showcased their skills on this map in a convincing win over Gambit.

VCT Champions Secret
Team Secret progress to the playoffs

Map two: Team Secret secures playoff spot on Icebox

Team Secret secured their place in the playoffs with a 13-7 victory on Icebox. The SEA side will now face off against Acend in the opening series tomorrow. The game and the series was all but wrapped up in the first half with Secret putting up an 8-4 score.

Vikings were able to successfully plant in the majority of the rounds, they were never able to lock down a site with Secret getting six difuses.

One of the key factors in Secret performing consistently well in this game was their opening kills. As a team, Secret was able to grab ten first bloods. The stand out player in this department was DubsteP who had four opening kills for his side. The duelist was one of the sides best players and his performance was praised by Fnatic’s Boaster.

Vikings only securing four rounds on offence all but confirmed Secret would be advancing to the quarter-finals. Icebox in the current meta tends to favored the sides on offence and once again Team Secret looked incredible. The SEA side wrapped up the last seven rounds needed to punch their ticket to the VCT Champions bracket stage.

If you want to check out the VOD of the match we got you covered.

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