Stay up to date with the live VCT Americas rosters.

With the 2023 VCT LOCK//IN tournament in the history books, all eyes are set toward the first VCT Americas domestic split. Ten rosters will battle it out across weeks of grueling competition as they battle for a slot at VCT Masters Tokyo.

Ahead of the first domestic split, teams are allowed to make roster changes - this is the only change teams will get to do so for quite some time. We have already seen a major departure with Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker departing from Cloud9. has put together a VCT Americas roster tracker so you can keep up to date with all of the roster moves before the domestic split.

VCT Americas Roster Tracker

Player One
Player Two
Player Three
Player Four
Player Five
Player Six
Player Seven
Player Eight
Player Nine
Player Ten
100 ThievesAsunaDerrekstellarBangCryocells
Evil GeniusesBoostioEthanjawgemoC0MBcJReformed (Sub)Apotheon (Sub)Demon1 (Sub)ScrewFace (Sub)
FURIAqckKhalilmazindgzinmwzerakon4n (Sub)
KRÜ EsportsNagZxandDaveeysMelseraxeddyKlaus (Sub)
LeviatánkiNggTacolillaShyyNozwerrMazinokeznit (Sub)
MIBRjzzfrzheatmurizzzRgLMTxoziN (Sub)
NRG s0mFNScrashiesVictorardiisthwifo (Sub)

These are the current rosters according to the Global Contract Database. This table will be updated regularly if and or when roster changes occur.

VCT Roster News (Americas)


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