VCT Americas LCQ: Sentinels vs Cloud9 live results, highlights, and more cover image

VCT Americas LCQ: Sentinels vs Cloud9 live results, highlights, and more

Which squad will put themselves two series away from the biggest VALORANT event of the year?

It is a battle between two heavyweight organizations with Sentinels vs Cloud9 headlining day three of VCT Americas LCQ. This is the first time we are going to have a look at C9 since their heartbreaking 2-1 defeat to NRG back in the playoffs. As for Sentinels gained some much-needed momentum after taking down 100 Thieves 2-1 last night to ensure they at least get two chances to qualify for Champions.

Sentinels vs Cloud9 live results

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Sentinels vs Cloud9 recap

It was an important victory for Cloud9 after what was a heartbreaking defeat in the VCT Americas playoffs. On map one it looked like the Cloud9 of old, with the North American squad, smiling, giggling, and dominating the opening half of Pearl to put C9 well in contention to take the first map. Xeppaa and Leaf, the two primary duelists for C9 were the stars of the show in the opening half, with 27 kills between them. To put that into perspective they only had three fewer kills than the entire Sentinels roster combined.

Cloud9 was able to swiftly take care of business in the second half despite Zekken's best efforts. Moving onto Fracture, it was not even close. Sentinels came out all guns blazing on map two to completely throw their opponents off their game. C9 has shown when aggression is taken to them, it shakes them and often puts them in an unwinnable position. This remained the case on Fracture with Sentinels taking a dominant 13-3 win.

Map three is where things could have gone either way. Cloud9 was able to again, like on map one, start off very strong with an 8-4 first half. However, Sentinels started to put pressure on C9 even after dropping the early pistol rounds. This was where Cloud9 had to work for a living when the pressure was on them to deliver. C9 did deliver in the end, closing out three of the last four rounds to wrap up the series 2-1.

How to watch SEN vs C9

For fans looking to watch this epic VALORANT matchup, you can check out the official VCT Americas Twitch channel. We have embedded the official stream to this page so you do not have to leave this article.

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