100T vs EG wraps up VCT Americas Week 2. Both teams are looking to add their first series victory in the league.

The final series of VCT Americas 2023 Week 2 sees 100T vs EG. The former fell in a close battle against Sentinels in Week 1, while the latter was bested by the new-look Cloud9 roster. Unfortunately, one team will remain winless after the series ends.

We've got the unorthodox Evil Geniuses with its large roster of impressive players. Its starters are set, but at any time, we could be surprised by a change to that. Then there is 100 Thieves, an early favorite to reach Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023.

Read ahead for results and highlights of 100T vs EG after viewing their starting rosters:

100 Thieves VALORANT team

  • Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk
  • Derrek "Derrek" Ha
  • Brenden "stellar" McGrath
  • Matthew "Cryo" Panganiban
  • Sean "bang" Bezerra

Evil Geniuses VALORANT team

  • Kelden "Boostio" Pupello
  • Alexander "jawgemo" Mor
  • Corbin "C0M" Lee
  • Ethan "Ethan" Arnold 
  • Brendan "BcJ" Jensen

VCT Americas Week 2: 100T vs EG results

Map Count
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
100T vs EG
Haven 13:9
Icebox 13:5

100T vs EG begins with a defensive masterclass by the Thieves

Evil Geniuses had two brilliant rounds to start Haven, but 100 Thieves didn't let them go on a streak. In fact, it looked like 100T would pull away in the first half, but a heroic play by BcJ kept EG in it. That gave them the confidence to fight back and tie things up at 6:6.

100T then proved to be much more efficient versus EG on their defending side. They refused to give up any ground. This was all thanks to Cryo and his shut down Operator. EG scraped together a few more rounds, but the 100T defense was too strong. Map one was theirs 13:9.

100 Thieves doesn't give Evil Geniuses a chance on Icebox

Surprisingly, EG switched out BcJ with Max "Demon1" Mazanov going into Icebox. He proved his worth immediately, picking up frag after frag. It wasn't enough to cool down 100T, however. The team remained heated up after their first map victory. Halftime arrived with a 9:3 score line in their favor.

It was more of the same in the second half. Evil Geniuses managed to get a couple of rounds, but they just couldn't come back from the deficit. 100 Thieves dominated on defense and easily took the win with a 2:0 map count in the series.

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