VCT 2023 regular season ends with FNATIC as the sole undefeated VALORANT team cover image

VCT 2023 regular season ends with FNATIC as the sole undefeated VALORANT team

FNATIC finishes the regular season of VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA 2023 undefeated, being the only team without a loss in the global VCT.

As VCT EMEA, Pacific, and Americas rolled on with their 2023 regular season schedule, a few teams showed the potential to stay undefeated. Now, things are coming to a close and only one can make that claim. After winning LOCK//IN and ending VCT EMEA without a loss, FNATIC may be the best VALORANT team in the world.

FNATIC hasn't lost a series since Superdome in October 2022. That was a best-of-one series against Acend, so many don't even count it. Then they went and got revenge 2:0 in that event's Grand Final. It has been nothing but success for them since.

FNATIC goes 9-0 in VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA regular season

FNATIC has played some of the best VALORANT teams in the world in 2023. They've beaten Sentinels, FURIA, 100 Thieves, LOUD, and all of EMEA's partnered teams. It seems like nothing can stop them as they have locked in the number one seed for EMEA playoffs in hopes of qualifying for Masters Tokyo.

There is still plenty of work to do, but let's look at the work they've done so far:

  • 2:0 versus Giants Gaming
  • 2:1 versus BBL Esports
  • 2:0 versus Team Heretics
  • 2:0 versus Team Liquid
  • 2:0 versus FUT Esports
  • 2:0 versus Team Vitality
  • 2:0 versus KOI
  • 2:0 versus Karmine Corp
  • 2:0 versus Natus Vincere

Only one map was taken by them in the VCT EMEA regular season. They lost on Ascent to BBL Esports in Week 2. That's the only time this FNATIC VALORANT roster has shown any signs of weakness. They end the regular season with a +101 round differential, having won 241 rounds and lost 140.

VCT Pacific and Americas first place teams

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

VCT Pacific's regular season if complete, but at the time of publication, VCT Americas still has one week of matches left. There is no chance for a team to remain undefeated like the FNATIC VALORANT team of EMEA, however.

The number one seed for VCT Pacific is DRX. Their season ends with an 8-1 record. In their first match of Week 8, Pacific's super week, they lost 2:0 to Team Secret and that ended their chance at going undefeated.

Coincidentally, LOUD of VCT Americas lost their second-to-last series to end their undefeated streak, too. NRG beat them 2:0 and they'll have to survive Leviatán to keep their spot at the top of the rankings.

It is very possible all three of the current first place teams make Masters Tokyo, though FNATIC should be viewed as a heavy favorite considering the year they've had so far.

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