VALORANT Swiftplay is here to stay cover image

VALORANT Swiftplay is here to stay

VALORANT Swiftplay is here to stay, proving itself to be the most popular game mode releases to date.

VALORANT Swiftplay is a short game mode that makes the traditional gameplay happen at a faster pace. It was in the beta phase for just over a month before it was announced to be ending its beta period and staying online.

All about VALORANT Swiftplay

The Swiftplay game mode was released to everyone on Jan. 10. It was designed to offer a fast-paced playstyle as an alternative to existing game modes, such as Spike Rush, while maintaining the best elements of VALORANT's Unrated game mode.

The results in Swiftplay don't count towards your Competitive ranking, so it's similar to Unrated like that. Swiftplay's match time is significantly reduced with fewer rounds as well. It also gives players faster ultimates and more credit.

It's the typical five-versus-five game in a condensed format, with the first team to reach five wins while switching positions every four rounds. In VALORANT patch 6.03, the Swiftplay beta period will be ending, but it will still get updates.

Swiftplay features

Here are the features included in Swiftplay:

  • The first team to reach five rounds wins the match
  • Two halves: offense and defense are switched every four rounds
  • Single spike carrier
  • Weapons and credit carry over to the next round
  • Starting money: 800, 2,450, and 4,250 (for rounds three and four)
  • Winning pistol rounds: 600 credit bonus
  • Kill bonuses: 200 credits
  • Spike plant bonus: 300 credits
  • Approximately 15 minutes of game time

Swiftplay has easily been the most popular game mode introduced by VALORANT since its release in 2020. The best part is that the game lasts around 15 minutes instead of the usual 30 to 40-minute games.

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