The VALORANT Switchback Bundle is on its way, with a color scheme of orange, gray, and white for some fan-favorite weapons.

A new VALORANT bundle is here, in the form of the Switchback collection. As always, it was first leaked by our friend over at ValorLeaks. This one isn't too flashy or too costly, so let's go over what you can expect if you want a simple new addition to your skin arsenal.

VALORANT Switchback Bundle skins and accessories

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The leaks were correct. And with it official, here is what comes in the VALORANT Switchback Bundle:

  • Phantom
  • Classic
  • Marshal
  • Stinger
  • Switchback Ascender (Melee)

This is a basic bundle that resides in the game's Select tier of skin collections. You will find no upgrades, finishers, or any color variations to unlock with Radianite. Also, there are no accessories with the bundle.

A Switchback Spray, Player Card, or even a pair of Gun Buddies is not on the menu. What you see is what you get with this one.

Price of the bundle

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The entire bundle price is 3,500 VALORANT Points. That's a rough estimate of about $36 USD for the whole thing. It is definitely one of the least expensive collections the game has dished out.

If you want anything individually, you can spend 875 VP per weapon or 1,750 VP just for the melee item. Without any extras, we feel like many players may choose to skip this one.

When does the VALORANT Switchback Bundle release?

Typically, skin collections arrive soon after they've been revealed by leakers. And this one came even quicker than we expected. It was made official just days after the first set of leaks announced its impending addition to VALORANT.

So, if you want to get your hands on a simple set of skins to add to your collection, the VALORANT Switchback Bundle is in your store now. It went live at shop reset on April 17, and will remain available for purchase until April 30.

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